Glassbeads and Gemstones

  • I am not really sure if someone is interested in jewellery especially in making jewellery by their own, but because i really love burstcoin and want to support it ill give it a try.

    We (my wife and me) run a bead shop in vienna and also provide some of our beads online. You can check them out at

    If you want to order some beads or jewellery componets and pay with burst do it as follow:

    1. Go to our webshop
    2. Choose things you like to buy
    3. Order and use VORKASSE as payment methode
    4. Tell me about your order on this post
    5. I will tell you the exact exchange price from eur/burst and how much you have to transfer to our account
    6. We receive the burst on our account and will ship out the order the next day.
    7. Receive your beads and be happy 🙂

    As for the first we only can accept orders from the EU.
    For orders from outside the EU please get in contact with me first before ordering.
    Not trusting me? No problem! To confirm you that I am the shop owner just regist on our site, tell me about it here and i will send you a 3% discount coupon directly to your mail addy via our shop mail [email protected].

    So if anybody want to design her/his unique jewellery and use burst for paying, I am your man 🙂

  • @hudriwu Although I'm not into beads or making jewellery, I love the fact you are introducing your shop to burst! This is exactly what we need as a community/economy to grow. I hope people who are into making jewellery will make use of this opportunity 🙂

  • @BurgerBaron That is my thought too. We need some more busines and ways to spend burst.
    Never know maybe you can put together a nice bracelet for your loved ones 😉

  • @hudriwu Hey I once might, you placed the idea in my head now!

  • @BurgerBaron haha i am awaiting your order..