SAS 9305-24i Host Bus Adapter

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    Well i have a problem ... all my PCIe slots are in use ... what are my options:

    1. Buy an new motherboard with more PCIe slots
    2. Buy a controller to replace existing ones.

    Well, my motherboard / memory / cpu setup is 2-3 Years old now, but sill fast enough, and a lot of new Hardware will be released 2017 ... so i choose not to change my setup now, and wait for upcomming releases. Like new AMD zen in 1-2 Month and new Intel in 6-7 Month ...

    Well, so i had to find a new controller to replace 2-3 existing ones and free 1-2 PCIe slots for additional things like M2 drive or whatever.

    I first found this:
    (WARNING: only supports drives up to 3TB)
    alt text

    Very sweet controller, cause of low price of currently ~140€ and awesome able to attach 32 drives ...
    I bought it, optimistic ... that also drives bigger than 3TB would be possible and just the doc of the controller are outdated ... but ... i was wrong ... i could not get any drive bigger than 3TB running :-(

    Weeks passed and i lost interest ...

    Now i'm ready for the 2nd try ... sick of old problematic hardware, i ordered this:
    alt text

    It is much more expensive than the first, but technically up-to-date and will hopefully allow me to run 24 internal drives with max. speed. (6400 MB/s possible by controller / 266MB/s per drive ... more than enough.)
    I hope it will prove as a awesome controller i can use for the next 5-10 years.

    It will replace two of this
    alt text

    And this one ...
    alt text

    And this one ...
    alt text

    I hope for some performance gains :-) We will see, the new controller and cables should arrive on monday and waiting for it hurts :-)

    Btw. cables ... quite new to me ... there are cables available for the controller that support SAS or SATA, so even if it is called a SAS controller it also supports SATA drives.
    I ordered 6 of this cables:
    alt text

    Well, i will keep you up-to-date if this investment turns out as the right decision ...

  • @luxe Interesting, keep us updated :)

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    @luxe Nice card, let us know how it performs!

  • @luxe you express prices in EURO may I ask where are you from.. If you are unconfortable please PM me

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    @ccminer germany

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    @ZapbuzZ I have lot of external usb3 drives, too. The point that you can attach e.g. 7 drives to that card, does not mean, that you can access all drives with full speed at the same time. On normal usage that does not hurt much, but on mining burst, you may want to read you plots as fast as possible. So if you in addition start using hubs on every port of that controller, you may run into serious performance issues. This could be interesting for you:

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  • @ZapbuzZ
    burstcoin-jminer-0.4.6-SNAPSHOT created by @luxe )))

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    @ZapbuzZ Well i use jminer ...
    You can scroll up there to see my setup.

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    @ZapbuzZ You are also fine with CPU mining, and if you can effort to buy the amount of harddrives that makes you need GPU support, you can also effort a faster GPU :_)

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    Well i received the controller and cables and have it running for 5 days now.
    The main benefit for me was, that my GPU is now able to run at 16 PCIe lanes, before it had just 8 due to the fact that i had to place it in the last PCIe slot before, so that is does not cover the next.
    But lets take a look at numbers, i posted my old stats earlier:




    Well, beside that i switched from solo to devPool ... take a look on improvement of read speed and round time ... i was quite impressed. Like i said before, it has not only to do with new controller, mainly using 16PCIe lanes for GPU now causes this ~10 sec. improvement. (EDIT: it varies sometimes it is 25sec.)

    So consider check if your GPU is using all lanes possible:

    EDIT: Here another round with 'showDriveInfo=true' (restarted so some data was still cached)

    START block '322773', scoopNumber '1667', capacity '282702 GB'
          targetDeadline '200000', baseTarget '1585996'
    1% done (0TB 196GB), avg.'53 MB/s'
          winner block '322772', 'BURST-GST5-ZANK-RYGB-D8XJF'
    8% done (20TB 319GB), avg.'2337 MB/s', eff.'4003 MB/s'
    15% done (40TB 463GB), avg.'3060 MB/s', eff.'4442 MB/s'
    shares, committed to devPool ...
    devPool response 'Received share/s', block '322773'
    dl '5177' successful committed!  [ 0d 1h 26m 17s ]
    dl '42995' successful committed!  [ 0d 11h 56m 35s ]
    22% done (60TB 609GB), avg.'3414 MB/s', eff.'4443 MB/s'
    29% done (80TB 811GB), avg.'3647 MB/s', eff.'4583 MB/s'
    read 'C:/data/burst#59' (2TB 0GB) in '5s 507ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#43' (1TB 999GB) in '5s 565ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#45' (1TB 999GB) in '6s 31ms'
    shares, committed to devPool ...
    devPool response 'Received share/s', block '322773'
    dl '116489' successful committed!  [ 1d 8h 21m 29s ]
    dl '82750' successful committed!  [ 0d 22h 59m 10s ]
    dl '164424' successful committed!  [ 1d 21h 40m 24s ]
    dl '82350' successful committed!  [ 0d 22h 52m 30s ]
    dl '157726' successful committed!  [ 1d 19h 48m 46s ]
    dl '103138' successful committed!  [ 1d 4h 38m 58s ]
    dl '9714' successful committed!  [ 0d 2h 41m 54s ]
    dl '51503' successful committed!  [ 0d 14h 18m 23s ]
    read 'C:/data/burst#44' (1TB 999GB) in '6s 25ms'
    36% done (100TB 967GB), avg.'3778 MB/s', eff.'4413 MB/s'
    read 'C:/data/burst#47' (1TB 999GB) in '6s 298ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#41' (1TB 494GB) in '6s 585ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#21' (1TB 999GB) in '6s 862ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#27' (1TB 999GB) in '6s 820ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#37' (1TB 999GB) in '6s 916ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#10' (1TB 999GB) in '7s 413ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#46' (1TB 999GB) in '6s 909ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#33' (3TB 998GB) in '7s 509ms'
    43% done (121TB 183GB), avg.'3855 MB/s', eff.'4288 MB/s'
    read 'C:/data/burst#18' (2TB 0GB) in '7s 474ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#07' (3TB 998GB) in '8s 445ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#52' (1TB 999GB) in '8s 660ms'
    shares, committed to devPool ...
    51% done (141TB 375GB), avg.'3904 MB/s', eff.'4224 MB/s'
    devPool response 'Received share/s', block '322773'
    dl '72151' successful committed!  [ 0d 20h 2m 31s ]
    read 'C:/data/burst#25' (2TB 0GB) in '9s 37ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#60' (1TB 999GB) in '8s 747ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#42' (1TB 999GB) in '8s 965ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#61' (1TB 997GB) in '9s 24ms'
    58% done (161TB 563GB), avg.'3925 MB/s', eff.'4073 MB/s'
    read 'C:/data/burst#91' (4TB 999GB) in '10s 540ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#92' (5TB 0GB) in '10s 246ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#56' (3TB 996GB) in '11s 57ms'
    65% done (181TB 780GB), avg.'3924 MB/s', eff.'3914 MB/s'
    read 'C:/data/burst#38' (1TB 996GB) in '11s 257ms'
    shares, committed to devPool ...
    devPool response 'Received share/s', block '322773'
    dl '110307' successful committed!  [ 1d 6h 38m 27s ]
    dl '52248' successful committed!  [ 0d 14h 30m 48s ]
    dl '59531' successful committed!  [ 0d 16h 32m 11s ]
    dl '199039' successful committed!  [ 2d 7h 17m 19s ]
    read 'C:/data/burst#29' (4TB 0GB) in '11s 974ms'
    72% done (201TB 977GB), avg.'3915 MB/s', eff.'3828 MB/s'
    read 'C:/data/burst#35' (3TB 998GB) in '12s 171ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#97' (3TB 999GB) in '12s 447ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#30' (3TB 996GB) in '12s 515ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#23' (1TB 996GB) in '12s 716ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#28' (1TB 494GB) in '13s 264ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#39' (3TB 996GB) in '13s 366ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#22' (1TB 996GB) in '12s 861ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#26' (1TB 996GB) in '13s 697ms'
    79% done (222TB 128GB), avg.'3873 MB/s', eff.'3499 MB/s'
    read 'C:/data/burst#24' (1TB 996GB) in '14s 19ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#82' (7TB 992GB) in '14s 435ms'
    shares, committed to devPool ...
    devPool response 'Received share/s', block '322773'
    dl '42887' successful committed!  [ 0d 11h 54m 47s ]
    dl '1683' successful committed!  [ 0d 0h 28m 3s ]
    dl '174149' successful committed!  [ 2d 0h 22m 29s ]
    read 'C:/data/burst#20' (1TB 996GB) in '14s 558ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#17' (1TB 996GB) in '15s 243ms'
    86% done (242TB 319GB), avg.'3839 MB/s', eff.'3495 MB/s'
    read 'C:/data/burst#96' (3TB 987GB) in '15s 404ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#19' (1TB 996GB) in '15s 452ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#40' (3TB 996GB) in '15s 617ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#53' (3TB 996GB) in '15s 129ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#54' (3TB 996GB) in '15s 499ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#34' (3TB 996GB) in '16s 117ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#90' (4TB 999GB) in '15s 652ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#02' (5TB 996GB) in '16s 327ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#01' (6TB 0GB) in '16s 400ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#06' (3TB 996GB) in '16s 417ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#57' (2TB 997GB) in '16s 67ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#70' (3TB 987GB) in '16s 650ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#55' (3TB 996GB) in '16s 504ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#95' (3TB 996GB) in '16s 406ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#71' (4TB 0GB) in '17s 8ms'
    93% done (262TB 511GB), avg.'3750 MB/s', eff.'2934 MB/s'
    read 'C:/data/burst#94' (3TB 996GB) in '17s 68ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#31' (3TB 996GB) in '16s 766ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#80' (7TB 995GB) in '17s 5ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#49' (3TB 996GB) in '17s 54ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#03' (5TB 898GB) in '17s 461ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#08' (3TB 999GB) in '16s 919ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#09' (3TB 999GB) in '17s 117ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#51' (3TB 996GB) in '17s 162ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#58' (2TB 997GB) in '17s 254ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#50' (3TB 996GB) in '17s 838ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#81' (7TB 995GB) in '17s 853ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#36' (3TB 996GB) in '17s 632ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#14' (3TB 996GB) in '18s 374ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#48' (3TB 996GB) in '18s 494ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#05' (5TB 997GB) in '18s 960ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#32' (3TB 996GB) in '19s 96ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#11' (3TB 997GB) in '19s 635ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#04' (5TB 996GB) in '19s 563ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#83' (7TB 992GB) in '20s 229ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#16' (3TB 996GB) in '20s 578ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#12' (3TB 997GB) in '20s 212ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#13' (3TB 996GB) in '20s 705ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#73' (3TB 999GB) in '20s 597ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#93' (4TB 997GB) in '21s 248ms'
    read 'C:/data/burst#15' (3TB 996GB) in '21s 272ms'
    100% done (282TB 702GB), avg.'3219 MB/s', eff.'1133 MB/s'
    read 'C:/data/burst#72' (3TB 999GB) in '20s 927ms'
    FINISH block '322773', best deadline '1683', round time '21s 441ms'

  • @luxe Sweet! Which model of controller did you get?

  • admin

    SAS 9305-24i Host Bus Adapter, it is kind of the thread title :-)

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