• Hear Ye, Hear Ye

    All in favor of the publication of the inaugural BURSTcoin Wikipedia page say Aye.

    and please consider making a modest or megalithic contribution to this BURSTcoin wiki fund.


    Our way of saying thanks for your effort to promote our beloved coin.

    100% of the proceeds will benefit the men and women who toiled early mornings, late nights and seemingly endlessly to create this wonderful reference that will inevitably go down in history as the BURSTcoin wiki page.

    Thank you very much, you know who you are.

    Best and thank you very much to all,


  • Seriously, thanks to everyone for your hard work, sounds like it's almost ready for publication.

    So I created this wallet today and made a contribution of 22200BURST.

    I will remit 100% of the funds fairly to the folks who've worked and will work on the publication of the BURST Wikipedia page.

    Not including myself.

    If you decide you do appreciate this project please consider making a contribution.

    Thanks to all for your attention and contributions,


  • Why would I donate to a wallet that only you have the password for, rather than directly to the people themselves?

  • @sevencardz either way,

    I'm just trying to contribute to the cause. i'll gladly share the wallet pass phrase with @Haitch or @Crowetic to further legitimize the effort to show support for the cause.

    I figure those who are working on projects like these are to busy or dignified to solicit contribution shamelessly.


    Thanks to everyone for your contribution to this and other on going projects.

    We here at BURST TEAM truly appreciate your efforts.

    contributions for the BURST WIKI page editors are accepted in the wallet address below.


  • Hi everyone,

    I just want to make a quick update here so everybody can see the progress. Here is the draft of the article : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draft:Burstcoin

    As you can see it is 99% finished, and we should be able to submit it to the wikipedia moderation very soon. If anybody wants to check the whole chat about the article creation, you can have a look at the "Burst Wiki" channel on alttech chat (https://alttech.chat/alttech/channels/burst-wiki). If you guys notice any mistake on the article please let me know.

    Thanks to everyone donating, your generosity is much appreciated.

  • Awesome,

    The donation wallet is up to 22,323 Burst.

    Thanks to everyone who's donated so far.

    let's keep those donations coming.

    If you haven't donated yet please consider what you can afford to donate.

    I'll have @crowetic come in soon and confirm that the donation wallet is infact in trustworthy hands.

    I'll be sharing the donor wallet pass phrase with crowetic and we will distribute the donations upon publication of the BURST wikipedia page.


  • Haven't got to read through this yet but I will be asap - and donate what I can

  • @Gadrah_ It says that the submission was declined.

  • @kikiyai Yes, this was a submission some time ago and at that time the article was not as good by wikipedia's standards. A lot of improvement has been made since.

    @all I just submitted the article. It can take several days before getting rewied and I can still edit it in the meantime so do not hesitate if you notice any mistake or have any suggestion for improvement. Thanks.

  • I would like to donate to BURSTcoin wiki page

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi everyone, we split the donations that were in the wallet BURST-J65S-ERWD-FLKK-GSKWN between @iKnow0 and me for a total of 48'408 Burst.

    A huge thank you to every donators, it really means a lot to us.

  • @Gadrah_ I would also like to personally thank all those who helped, contributed and critiqued it all helped greatly, the article is now the number 2 result in google for the term "Burstcoin". Going on from this we also need to create a wiki page for "Proof of Capacity" as it essential to understanding Burst. Any ideas, links to articles or anything else that might be helpful send it on.