My First Mining Experience.....

  • I'd like ask the people who mine burstcoin and already gained some ..... do am I mining right now the correct way or I did something wrong .... because I started mining before going to work and after I returned after 12 hours , I checked my wallet , there is no burst mined .... did I do something wrong???!!!!![0_1485218772118_burst.JPG](Uploading 100%)

  • 0_1485219568970_burst.JPG

  • @theceasar two quick questions, amount of space plotted and which pool (i am assuming you are pool mining)?

  • @theceasar ok, check on the pool's page for shares going to your account (there is a 250 min payout, or 24 hours if not reached). for a how to refer to

    based on the screenshot and lack of sent/confirmed deadlines, you might want to consider another pool for your plot size, check recommended plot size for pools on the spreadsheet linked from:

  • it looks like its mining correctly but you are not finding any deadlines ... this could be because you are on with only 4TB id recomend switching to a pool that acepts larger deadlines

  • the recomended TB's on that chart are a little out of date it says burst-team is recomend 4TB but id say its more like 10-15 TB's now to mine there

  • so there is a problem because the recommended capacity, so I will change the pool
    When I am mining it is not supposed to say " no deadline " right ?

  • @theceasar "no deadline" indicates the miner did not send a deadline to the pool because none were found in the plots which were less than the pool's limit. if you don't submit a deadline you don't get a share.

    when a deadline is found and confirmed by the pool a green line stating so will be printed after the plot read lines in your minter.

    best case in a pool with a limit that suits your plot size this will happen each and every block. then you get shares which become payment when the pool forges a block.

  • @damncourier Thank you very much :D
    last thing I am sorry !!
    do I have to do something to submit a deadline or just wait for the miner to do his job ?

  • @theceasar nope that is the job of the miner, does it automatically.

    also you welcome! ;)

  • @theceasar Also with Blagos miner, you might want to check and set the TargetDeadline your miner is submitting according to the pool your mining in!
    "TargetDeadline" is the maximum Deadline your miner is submitting to the pool in seconds. If you set it to high (submit everything you find in your plots) its usually not a problem. But if you set it to low you might not get all the shares you could!

    The Ninja style pools are set up for different miner "sizes"! If you for example, have 70TB of plot files you'll always find a deadline below 86400sec (1Day) and you dont want "your" pool to be clogged with all the longer ones. Also your readspeed suffers.

    Another pool might be setup to accept long deadlines. And if many miners with small plotfiles mine there they will also forge blocks and the winnings will be distributed according to their current and accumulated shares!

    I hope I'm making sense here and shed some light in to the pool setups!-)

    now, chose a pool and go to to see what deadlines "she" accepts

    then edit Blago miners "miner.conf" and set "TargetDeadline": 6048000, for example!
    in your case this file is in


    A few sidenotes:
    -uray/lex/V2 pools set TargetDeadline dynamically according to max pool size (someone please correct me!)
    -jminer "pulls" the TargetDeadline from the pool automaticly

    -long explanation and not strictly necessary but I hope I made someone understand!-)
    -sending longer dl's then accepted by pool usually does not hurt
    -might already be setup right!


  • If you havent found a pool as of yet. We are still looking for more miners over at Above average user base. One of the lowest fees around. Great rewards for pool assets along with many other great things the pool has to offer. Here is the thread link pool.burstcoin Hope to see you there. With your Size you reward should be above average than pools with more users.

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