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  • Hello there. This sounds interesting! Can your strategy be used for binary options in Forex as well?

  • @Propagandalf said:

    Hello there. This sounds interesting! Can your strategy be used for binary options in Forex as well?

    @Propagandalf this Forex trading system is for Spot Forex, Gold, Silver and Crypto-currencies. It does not work on Binary Options sorry.

  • @FXALTareeq Ok thanks for the reply, but is your strategy simply a system purely connected with using a trading bot, or do you offer the theory behind your strategy? Because binary options, depending on where you use them, can be applied to forex, stocks, crypto, commodities and so forth. This means that a lot of the theories and systems behind the strategies of "regular" trading can be applied to binary options too.

  • @Propagandalf

    My basic methodology of trading is Naked without Indicators, Oscillators or other thingamajigs. I trade Price Action and yes it can be used on Stocks as well. But I've personally have not traded Binaries. So I am not in a position to confirm whether or not if it can successfully.

  • @FXALTareeq OK, thanks for clarifying! Does your methodology require the trader to spend a lot of time when preparing to place a trade? I am trying to get a picture of how involved one has to be in order to use your strategy, or if it is possible to "jump right in"...

  • @Propagandalf

    In terms of the Forex Signal Service itself. I supply the S/L, Entry and TP levels for all trade recommendations. I trade the H4, Daily and Weekly charts. So with that said it doesn't require any extensive knowledge for the entering into the trades based on my recommendations.

    Learn the system is different and does require time, kind of like going to school. I teach those systems as well I current have over 2,100 students enrolled in my Forex courses.

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