• Storj is what led me to finding out about this wonderful new-breed of a c0in we can't seem to get enough of. It's now been a month since learning of 'Burst' and one question that comes to mind is, "what coin was out first, Storj 0r Burst"?
    Here is a post I found that states Burst as being the 1st HDD-Mined c0in -

    Scroll down a bit under SPECIFICATIONS: > 1st HDD-Mined C0in

    I am assuming 'Storj' was out first based off of [email protected]'s current market-cap and it's price. Experienced HDD-miners please do let me know 😉 #31

  • i think StorJ is NOT generated by a computer. But Burst make the storage useless for other things like photos or videos.

  • It's two different theories on how you are paid.

    • Burst is mined by utilizing free space on HDD and generating plot files, your incoming is limited only by the amount you wish to invest in storage in an attempt to win blocks, the payout per block is fixed (plus transaction fees) for a given period of time (per month)

    • Storj is a company based out of New Jersey that "rents" space on your HDD using the block chain with contracts and investors. User content is stored encrypted on your computer in fragments based upon contracts. Payments are based upon two factors, 1) The number of active contracts you hold which is controlled by a plethora of variables & 2) Your connected time to the network, down time is penalized as "off-line" and reduces your earnings as during down windows users can not access thier files from your repo and are forced to use a mirrored copy on the block chain.

    Personally I like the concept of Stoj but they are competing in a multi-billion dollar market place for Cloud Storage by utilizing typically home based systems. This requires the network to replicate multi copies of a users data in case users go off line the data must be recoverable, reducing a users potential earning to a fraction of a dedicated hosting system.

    Hope this explains the difference


  • why is the networksize (in TB) of BURST much bigger then the size of StorJ? and why is the MarketCap so much lower then StorJ?

  • @evolver said in STORj Vs. 3URST:

    the networksize (in TB) of BURST much bigger then the size of StorJ? and why is the MarketCap so much lower then StorJ?

    Burst has no limit per TB per user, the network size is a total of all plots. Storj's network size is a by product of live contracts. Here is the difference:

    I mine Burst and have 5TB of plots, those plots are part of the network
    I have my Storj set at 1TB and I have thousands of contracts however my total network size is 31GB AFTER 60 days. Storj takes a very long time to build because it's based on contracts and money in. Network size is solely based upon real financial contracts thus the cost per coin is higher and the Market Cap is based again on real world contracts.

    Hope this clears up the difference.


  • also you are fogetting about SIA in this not very equal comparison!

    I've started trying a week ago with one TB each. But its so damn slow!-/
    0_1485339002485_Sia.JPG 0_1485339020384_Storj.JPG

    and because I know your gona ask:
    0_1485339329072_5996139353.png that's all my router can handle at the moment!-)

  • my problem with StorJ is the dependency of a company. Burst is free to use, no one can stop Burst

  • For me, it was SIA what I'd found first and the same day looking at videos I found out about Burst and even Storj. Burst was and still is what I've been looking for ^_^

    PS: @tradz every time you say 3urst, I know that B looks like a 3, it's a B, the coin is called Burst ^_^

  • @IceBurst True ok! I remember now. This is what led me to Burst as I wanted great results. Someone had left a comment on a Storj article I was reading and he stated how long it takes and they don't even use all 0f your space and such and then he refers us to Burstcoin and from there, it was history!
    The moment I saw that Burst intr0 with the fire oh my! -

    They now have a Steemit intro concept that is competitive, very sleek!