The massive proposal

  • After all this will be debated, i will kindly ask the admins to delete/lock this thread.

    So, as i said in some threads, i had a little time to think, and i believe it's time for me to present my idea of the MONSTER i want to bring to life through my assets.

    As many of you know, my pride and joy is NEWSILVER, but the real monster is meant to be 402 . The innitial concept of it received much love and we raised a ton of money for it and it's doing great. But then are my other assets 🙂

    That being said, i think it's time to initiate my master plan if people will be on board with it.

    ''402'' was designed to be the safest and long term asset i have ever conceived, but it was also designed to be massive, perhaps more massive than any other BURST asset out there. So starting from that idea, here is my proposal :

    402 is to eat up all my other assets - NEWSILVER, 500K, FAD , and here's why :

    I already proved that each asset in itself works like a charm, and each individual concept is golden. If 402 was to gobble up all the rest, we could end up with the most diversified asset out there as far as trading goes. We will have safe, medium and high risk trading, a combination of all, as well as a means for the developers to earn.

    The way this merger would work would be through a redemption of shares through the following model:

    • one NEWSILVER share = five 402 shares
    • one FAD share = six 402 shares
    • one 500k share = two 402 shares

    If this is done, 402 becomes a frequent dividend paying asset (every day or once every few days) , with A MINIMUM GUARANTEED PAYOUT of 0.015 BURST per share each day, but if trading goes well, it can be way above that. Aside from that, 402 will offer a monthly guaranteed 400k BURST per month to the developers fund.

    Also, if this merger is done, it allows me to make even further expansions like hiring an altcoin trader, invest in mining and other forms of income. The reborn 402 asset will also have the largest backing ever with 2 mil ADSactly shares, 5000 BSILVER shares and more. The escrow fund from 500k would be moved over to 402 and would be steadily grown and further be kept in escrow.

    Also, i made a promise not to sell any more shares till 2018. That promise is to be kept ! There will be a limited supply of already owned shares in circulation, which allows for price increases and lots of trading. The asset should pick up a lot in volume if this is done and buying and selling shares should be very easy and loss free for people, since i predict a very nice price stability.

    If we do this, it will be a bit of a pain in the ass till redemption is done, but after that it's pure smooth sailing. We will have a monster on our hands worth well over 50k USD with massive backing, guaranteed minimum payouts (but with possibility of bonus) , and a hybrid combination of trading styles an more.

    Further more, my girlfriend will be joining me in my efforts and keep on trading like she does with 500k, but with a bit of a larger capital perhaps.

    Aside from that, i still have a few conversations left to make with a few asset issuers, because i would like the new 402 asset to also have a stymulus program - giving interest free loans to certain asset issuers for faster expansion of their ventures.

    So as you can see, i really am ready to bring this monster to life, provided that people are on board with the idea. Please give some feedback, please exchange opinions, and let's see if we'll make this happen or not.

  • Its delicated the NEWSILVER trade for 402, cause every 402 is 15 Burst, and NEWSILVER is 99 to 100 each, I feel like I'm losing 25%. Anyway I have only Newsilver cause I liked the concept of payment of 3% per month with daily dividends. I prefer stay the way they were born, but you are the owner, if you and the majority wants too, I'll follow.

  • @nameless can you explain your logic for the share conversion valuation?

  • @JotaJota , i see your point, but i have an argument to change your mind. If you take a closer look, i mentioned a minimum guaranteed payout. BUT, i also mentioned that there can be way more than that provided that trading does well (doesn't have to be excellent, just well) .So, in the end, i highly doubt you'd be losing anything, and on the contrary, you might even earn more.

    @iKnow0 , logic goes as following: i valuate 402 shares at 20 BURST a piece on average (true NAV is around 18) . So, given NEWSILVER price and the new dividend structure, you're getting the same deal, but more shares. FAD pays a bit better, so it deserves a bit extra for redemption, and as far as 500k goes, normally i should give max 1 share for redemption, but i'm taking 50k of my own personal 403 shares and giving them as bonus. I hope it makes more sense now.

  • @nameless said in The massive proposal:

    Further more, my girlfriend will be joining me in my efforts and keep on trading like she does with 500k, but with a bit of a larger capital perhaps.

    If your GF's in, I'm in. She has always been good at setting up and managing projects, and so have you.

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    I'm in with whatever you see best @nameless

  • @nameless It's great!

  • @nameless I think it creates much better oversight and therefore seems like a good idea. It also is much more efficient for you to do payouts/give updates --> and thereby having more time to focus on making money.

    Haven't looked at the details, but I like the concept of the idea

  • Sounds like a great idea

  • so far so good. thanks for keeping an open mind guys

  • I think that the merger makes sense and would help out. Ultimately, I think everyone would be happy about it too

  • Sounds great, in my opinion ... 😉 cheers

  • @nameless Sounds great to me, I was looking into buying some newsilver but I guess I will wait.

  • @rapidfireman You can still buy some. It will just be converted to 402 if he does the merger.

  • @kmaxkmax It does look like it will have a little loss on the trade though, which I know won't be much of a problem with the high payout, I'll look into it.

  • lol on the massive price spikes of my assets 🙂

    relax people, if this is happening, people shouldn't pay a premium for shares. take your time, wait it out and you will be able to pick up shares from those that want out eventually.

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    @nameless I'm in for the merged assets.

  • @nameless i dont mind about merger 🙂

  • pop!-) (on your Asset.....)


  • This is freaking awesome, I'm all for it. 🙂