Skyrim Nexus and Burst

  • Most of you don't know this, but I am also a mod author on the Skyrim Nexus and I have a few mods that have gotten pretty popular over the years. Here are a few of my more popular ones: - Immersive Horses - Dragon Stalking Fix - NPC Knockout Overhaul

    With the recent advent of Skyrim Special Edition, I will be re-releasing my mods for that edition. When this happens, they will probably hit the hot files (showcase on the main Nexus homepage), which means there will be a ton of computer nerds looking at pages that I control the content for and whom generally respect my opinion.

    My idea is to take advantage of these tens of thousands of page hits to promote Burst. To be clear, I want to entice users who happen upon my page to check out Burst, not bombard them or annoy them with something that has nothing to do with modding Skyrim. Something along the lines of... "Here's my mod, here's what it does, now here's Burst - it's like Bitcoin but you can mine it on your phone and all the cool kids are doing it".

    One of the ways I see cryptocurrency tying into modding is by funding mod authors directly through subscriptions or donations, which Burst could make ridiculously easy to accomplish. The decentralized, anonymous, and completely secure nature of Burst would make it virtually impossible for money grubbing corporations to try and claim a share of money that should belong entirely to the mod authors themselves and in a larger sense, to developers of open source and free software in general. For example, anyone with a smart phone could mine some Burst and donate it to a mod author - all without needing a bank account, credit card, or paypal.

    So I would like feedback from the community on how best to present Burst to an audience who are already PC savvy and who are not expecting to find out about a cryptocurrency on a mod page for a game. What kind of wording should I use? Should I include a Burst logo? Where is the best place on my mod page to 'advertise' Burst (description page, comments page, etc)? Is this a terrible idea in the first place and I should forget it entirely? Please do share your thoughts!

  • @sevencardz I think it is a great idea and could work great as long as it does not appear like an out of place advertisement. So yeah you could say in your post that you accept donations in Burst and then very briefly explain why (the major advantages of the coin : hdd mineable by everyone, green, decentralized, secure...). You can maybe even include a link to these forums if it is allowed, saying that people wanting to know more should have a look here 🙂

  • @Gadrah_ Exactly, and the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of presenting Burst as another way for users to support mod development if they so choose.

    I've had some success with simply a pinned comment in the comments thread suggesting various ways to support the mod. The few donations I've gotten from incredibly generous people always come with a ridiculous Paypal tax for the transaction. If I send you $4.00, then Paypal takes $0.50! I think transaction fees should cost one Burst 🙂

  • What a great idea! I hope you follow through with it. I love your mod descriptions 🙂