very old computer - vintage with USB2 thinking 32bit miner

  • Ihave a very very old early 90's pc i want to experiment with for fun & nostalgia. I want to run windows 98se on it. Is there a 32bit compatable burst miner? If there is it'd be great to youtube video the experience for fun about efficiency of burst mining. Its aq 586 clone with 64mb ram SiS 16MB graphics and i can put up to about 30 gb hard disk. But the addon USB2 Should mean up to at least a TB drive.

  • @ZapbuzZ
    As I remember, Windows 98 supports max 64GB drive and windows 98SE - 137GB/
    Also FAT32.
    Try install JVM first and use java-miner and plotter )))

  • @ZapbuzZ i have a k6-2 450 with 512 ram running debian with 4 pata and a scsi drive, mining with creepsky's fork of uray's miner.

    it has hit a block.

    i had spare drives and my landlord pays electric.

  • @Blago I discovered many years ago i can have an exfat drive over the 137GB boundary seen as fat32 in windows98 bootup. I could place video files over 8 gigabytes in size onto that drive in windows xp and play it to the end on windows media player in windows 98 (external usb2 and back to win98 white box as bootdisk). So if i can read exfat drives over 137gb as a fat32 internal drive in windows 98 machine, then it might be possible to plot 4tb on NTFS then transfer to a 4tb exfat partition to run on it with win98 system . i think i've stumbled upon a caveat 😃 now to prove it I must first make a virtual machine with windows 98se on it, a massive plot from usb2 and when it is finished just like the old days, transfer the os out of virtual machine onto bare bones.This will be interesting and will give me reason to boot the old aptiva. Although windows 98 is limited to 4gb maximum file creation size, exfat is limitless and allows windows 98 to see and read it correctly over 4gb filesize even when windows 98 misreports its size. (media player throws jibberish for playtime of videos at times lol.)

  • @damncourier if this windows experiment doesn't work your idea will be next. Your imput and @Blago 'S is very much appreciated.

  • sounds like my first computer 16mb gfx plz tell me its a VooDoo 3 ! lol i remember when they came out and changed my life i droped the console's and was Pro PC ever after

  • admin

    I guess the java version will be your first big problem.

    With a linux you can have every version you want but with Windows 98 ... not really.

  • do you think that linux would work on an old 133mhz processor?

  • @Gibsalot i remember voodoo 3 I used to druel over them lol

  • @ZapbuzZ i had a few lol , playing CS mod for Half-Life on a voodoo 3 was amazing, and it made the origonal EQ playable for me

  • @ZapbuzZ Linux work on older computer too, no problem with it. Maybe you must play with kernel for good working, but i am not sure.
    If i recommend, Creepsky miner have minimal hardware requirements. Just sugestion ;).
    It is on you, that is profitable burn energie with this really old hardware.

  • @ZapbuzZ debian offers best support for old hardware. current release (debian 8 - jessie) supports down to i386, next major release they are bumping it up to i686 (
    i have a 200 mhz pentium class (think it is amd k5) with 96 mb ram running debian 8.6 (boots to play audio streams when i am in workshop/garage).

    also be mindful of the ram buffer setting in the mining software, cause you seem a bit short on that.

  • @Gibsalot i think i have more nostalgia for having twin 12mb voodoo2s in sli. because you need 3 video cards to display one 1024x768 screen right?

  • @damncourier lol nice

  • @damncourier I using Debian Jessie to for all my dayli task. It is great operating system with typical linux limitation - knowledge of user :).
    But back to @ZapbuzZ question - as @daWallet wrote, with Win98 this task forward to fail, but with some light linux (example Debian), you can try it and see, that is profitable (electric energie vs mined BC) or not.
    Still you are winner - earn experience with Linux and BC mining :). Good luck!