Solo mining local standalone wallet

  • On 1/24 I started a standalone wallet (not using the AIO) and there is a command line window showing the progress lines. I set up the miner and started mining. It shows deadlines and confirmations. I have not forged a block yet.

    Based on the average difficulty and my plot size, the chances of not hitting a block for these last 2.5 days is less than 3%. So I'm thinking I'm not set up right, or just really unlucky.

    The command line window, has not shown any new lines since the original loading up of the wallet on 1/24. Should the command line window be updating as time goes on?

    Any help appreciated.


  • I can tell you from experience that the wallet doesn't output anything when you hit a block at its default log settings. I haven't played with the config file much, but it's worth looking to see if there's a setting to get more verbose output.

  • @rds
    wallet looks alright!
    but more important, what does the miner "say"??

    and is this Windows? what's your plotsize? (maybe check with and brake it down to blocks)
    what miner do you use? are Wallet and miner running on the same system? is your time in sync? and so on!-)

  • @nixxda,

    I'm running Windows 10.

    The miner looks fine. It's running just like it did with solo mining through the AIO local wallet and pool mining. I get deadlines and confirmations and reports of the winning block. I was really thinking because the window hadn't moved since startup that something was wrong.

    My plot size will generate about 1.2 blocks per day on average. But the odds of not hitting a block in 2.5 days (900 blocks) are:

    (1-.33%)^900=5%, not impossible but at the edge of the envelope of where I'm looking for something wrong.

  • @rds what I usually do is also to check my really good deadlines against the blockexplorer. just to make sure that my wallet is actually propagating those deadlines correctly!
    also make really, really sure that your time is in sync! I use Dimension4 for that.
    if all this is good it has to be bad luck!-/ I have days without one block @91TB!

  • also, if you want to get rid of the wallet console you've shown above you can start it with

    javaw -cp burst.jar;lib\*;conf nxt.Nxt

    from inside the folder.
    I've just now tried this for the first time however!! But everything is working!-)

    furthermore when working with the universal Wallet Keepass2 is a nice to have!-)
    And when everything is setup and your heavily encrypted Database stored on maybe google Drive or elsewhere, the Chrome Addon CKP(in beta!)
    You'll still need to use a long and secure password! But only one for multiple Accounts!