New Miner Questions

  • Hey, new to burstcoin here and I have a couple questions before I start mining. Did a little research and didn't quite find the answer.

    1.) I have 4 hard drives, do I need to plot all of them then start mining? Or can I plot one and mine while the others are plotting?

    2.) I read and watched videos that talked about setting the number for the 2nd, 3rd, etc drive to start after the end of the first. How would I do that in the Windows Burst wallet program?

    3.) I saw that you have to make a transaction in order for you account to be secured to you? Is that still a thing? I tried the faucet but got an error. When researching that it looked like that was run out of someone's personal wallet so I'm wondering if that faucet was shut down or if it was just at its allotted amount for the day?

    I'm sure I'll come up with more questions as I learn this whole thing but for now I'll start there. Thanks in advance!

  • admin
    still have some burst ...

    you can start and add more drives later.

  • You said I can start and add more drives later, but does that mean I can start mining with the first drive I plot and then start plotting the other drives while I'm waiting? Or did I mess up and there is really a way to plot all 4 drives I currently have at once?

  • @DougLife You can only plot multiple hard drives if you have multiple plotting devices (cpus or video cards).
    Once you finish plotting with one drive, you can start mining with it immediately.
    The nonce number is set automatically when you use the burst wallets plotting program. Generally I will only set this when using a gpu plotter.
    You can do a transaction by setting your account name, which can be done by clicking your current name, and changing it.

  • @Caligiuri I think maybe I am not asking the right question, or maybe I am and you answered it and I just don't fully grasp the concept yet.

    I have 4 empty drives
    1 2tb
    3 1tb

    I'm running the plotting right now on just the 2tb drive (which will take forever as it looks). My question is more along the lines of once this drive finishes plotting, can I start plotting a 1tb drive. I assume that I'll be able to mine with all 4 of the drives once they are plotted. Does the Windows GUI automatically recognize I've plotted one drive when I begin to plot the next drive so it will set the nonces at the next number, or will I have to configure this somewhere else?

    Sorry if I'm asking the same question over and over, just trying to grasp how this part works. 🙂

  • admin

    @DougLife The AIO plots the drive based on the drive letter - as long as you don't adjust drive letters there will be no overlap. Once the first drive is plotted, you can plot and mine simultaneously.

  • @haitch thank you. I think that answers the question!

  • I have another question before I finally jump into starting mining tonight. I've read that plot optimization is going to be key. Is this all handled in the AIO when it is plotted or do I need to take further action on this?

  • admin

    @DougLife The latest version of the AIO uses the xplotter plotter, which creates optimized plots.

  • So I've been mining this evening and I have some questions about the pool.

    1.) More of a general question, but what exactly do the deadlines represent. What is 1 hour or 13 days in reference to.

    2.) I'm watching some of the blocks and it will say that I've earned ~Reward of 10. In the historic shares though the ~Reward change is very minimal and doesn't match what I'm seeing happen in the current shares? After a night of mining it says a ~Reward or .48? Is that actually a percent of the entire pool?

    3.) Lastly, the "Total Earned" column in historic block share area for me says 18D + 0. What does this represent? I thought I read somewhere that it was total coins I've actually earned? If that is the case what does the +0 at the end relate to?

  • admin


    Deadlines are when you would win this block if there were no other miners,

    the left side is what you'll earn if we win THIS Block

    The right side is what you'll win WHEN we win a block,

  • I think I'm following. So what does "18D + 0" actually represent?

  • admin

    @DougLife you've earned 18 Burst, but they've not paid out yet, and lifetime you've earned 0 Burst

  • Alright, thanks 🙂

    Last question, for today at least :-P, but I'm starting to look into assets as well. Every time I enter an asset ID into the GUI it tells me it is incorrect. Can't be true for all assets can it?