Error ReadFile while mining

  • Hello guys I m mining with 2.5 TB and the 1 TB space is from my external HD. I have an issue with that cause every once and a while in a random timing the miner stops to working and I get the msg Error ReadFile . This stops the whole mining procedure and if i m not in my pc I se it only when i come back . The only way to fix it and start mining again is to restart my PC and the mining program also in the meantime i unplug and plug again my external HD, is this an HD hardware issue or something with my miner or with my plots ? Any opinions ? I m uploading a screenshot of the miner when i have this problem.! Here is the screenshot link :

  • anyone can help on this ?

  • @Erevos Look around on the forum... you might find an answer

  • I had a similar problem and it was the external control interface was bad. I ended up getting a new hdd external adapter. This might not be your problem but switch out external hdd case just in case.

    What happened to me was I would start the miner then after some time it would freeze and show what you seen in the console.

  • I have a similar issue. I believe that one of your plots has an issue. Removing the current plot files and replacing them with new ones may fix the problem. I know it will take a while to re-plot, but that's part of burst. I have the same issue on my rig, the only difference is that it has 33 hard drives plugged into it, so it will be much more difficult to figure out.

    From my experience so far, that error message is either a bad plot file, or a bad usb controller.

  • @Erevos I have had this problem but only when reading plots from a cloud drive. I think you have 2 Plots? If so try mining with just one of them at a time and see if the problem is just with one of the plots?