New to burst and crypto

  • Hey all, I just wanted to give a quick introduction. I'm new to burst completely. I've only messed around with faucets for bitcoin but the idea has always appealed to me.

    I have an old (2-3 years) gaming machine that was sitting around doing nothing and I have access to a decent amount of hard drives at no cost to me so Burst was obviously appealing to me. Currently I'm preparing 5Tb worth of drives to start mining.

    Looking forward to learning from some of the vets around here and possibly even giving my feedback in the future once I'm comfortable with everything.

  • admin

    You have everything to start with.
    Feedback is very important to improve the software and lower the barriers for newcomers.


  • @DougLife Welcome to the club there is a ton of info to be had either through reading the forums or just asking questions. The community here is awesome always eager to help so do not be afraid to ask.


  • @DougLife Welcome to BURST Family..You are in the right place at the right time.. 🙂