how do you stop mining a pool?

  • i just need to know if you change your reward recipient does it automatically stop you from mining another pool?

  • @gmoney a bit confused on the question but i will try to shed some light.

    pool's are only able to forge blocks using "deadlines" for mining account that have their reward recipient set to the pool's account. when a miner submits to a pool, if the miner account reward recipient is not set to the pool account, there is a error message and no share's are given.

    the miner is able to reassign the reward recipient to another pool (or the mining account for solo mining) at any time using any wallet. the reassignment takes 4 block chain confirmations to take affect.

    so i think what you are asking relates to that second point, no you just reassign to the next pool and wait four blocks.

  • oh ok awesome thank you