How a pool is 'remunerated' ?

  • If I wish to make a pool for convenience reasons, I understand that only when this pool found a block, then it get the amount corresponding, and distribued with other.
    I the pool never find a block, with 5 or 10 'little' miners, then nothing is getting back even when miners share something, even a fee or somthing else
    So how can a little pool exist ?
    Thank you

  • @KonsMar Until the pool finds a block the miners will get nothing. But even little pools or plots will find a block eventually. Fees come when you find a block, (block value + fees), the block value reduces by 5% each month, the fees will rise over time as more and more people use Burst (thats the theory). To make a pool successful is a lot of hard work, most don't last very long. "How can little pools exist?", well they start off making a loss with the hope that they will become profitable over time.

  • @KonsMar You have it spot on, without Blocks there is no reward. To be honest there is no value in a very small Poo, the whole idea being that by pooling resources you get sufficient mining power to find Blocks on a regular basis allowing theb to be shared between the miners.


  • So to be clear, every 'works' done by submitters are done without any compensation ?
    It's the choice of the owner of the pool to distribute it's own burst as he wish.
    Thank you for thoses answers, that's what i've understand, only 'big' pool can exists then.

  • @KonsMar That is not a fair assessment. All pools regardless of size distribute the Burst according to a formula taking account of the "Work" that individual miners have done. The pool owners reward comes from a % of the mined Burst, usually 0.5% - 2%.

    The problem with small pools is that Blocks are rarely or irregularly found by the Miners so the payouts, which can only occur when a block is found, can be very infrequent.

    Pool Owners & Miners only get a reward when a Block is found....