Mining - CPU/AVX vs OpenCL

  • I just installed the updated client, and I'm a bit confused on the mining selections. What is the difference between CPU/AVX and OpenCL?


  • @kurttasche AVX is an instruction set for your CPU that (theoretically) optimize the calculations on it, OpenCL is an interface for parallel computing (run by your GPU for example).

    CPU is doing work sequentially, GPU in parallel.
    For both options you need a) an OS and b) a CPU/GPU that understands it.

  • admin

    @kurttasche If you have a lot of capacity, you can reach a point where your CPU becomes the bottleneck, at this point it is highly recommended using GPU assisted mining.

    The screen below is from times where CPU miner did not have AVX/SSE support, but it illustrates just perfect what the benefit of using GPU is ... same plotsize (~80TB), first two blocks mined with CPU and after that 2 blocks mined with GPU.

    alt text

    For the second 2 blocks the GPU has a lot of load, that is not shown here. As far es i remember it was a 280x @ 50%.
    More details here: