Burst delisting from C-CEX.com exchange

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    C-CEX.com exchange news!

    We have to free up server resources for new coins by delisting some coins which have consistently low trading volume.
    The following coins will be removed on 01.02.2017 if their average trading volume for the last month has not exceeded 0.2 BTC/day (6 BTC for last 30 days):

    AnarchistsPrime [ACP], Adzcoin [ADZ], AndromedaCoin [AND], Argon2Coin [AR2], ArcticCoin [ARC], BiosCrypto [BIOS], BritCoin [BRIT], Bitquark [BTQ], Burst [BURST], CleverCoin [CLV], PayCon [CON], CoreCoin [CRC], Credits [CRE], Crypto [CTO], Cypher [CYP], DigiEuro [DEUR], DimeCoin [DIME], DoveCoin [DOV], Droidz [DRZ], EroBitCoin [EBIT], Eclipse [EC], EDRcoin [EDRC], EverGreenCoin [EGC], ElCoin [EL], FastCash [FCH], FitCoinPlus [FCP], FujiCoin [FJC], Floz [FLOZ], Francs [FRN], GlobalBusinessRevolution [GBRC], GuccioneCoin [GCC], GanjaCoin V2 [GNJ], HempCoin [HMP], ImpulseCoin [IMPS], IslaCoin [ISL], Kcoin [KC], LontaiCoin [LC], LinkedCoin [LKC], MobileCash [MBL], Moin [MOIN], MudraCoin [MUDRA], NukeCoinz [NKC], NoLimitCoin [NLC], OTCCoin [OTX], PrimeChain [PRIME], Piron [PIN], PiZZAcoin [PIZZA], Rimbit [RBT], Revenu [REV], SafeCoin [SFE], SunShotCoin [SSC], UCoin [U], UniversalBookingCoin [UB], Unobtanium [UNO], VectorCoin 2.0 [VEC2], WallCoin [WALC], Xecoin [X2C], BeatCoin [XBT! S], Minuo [XMO], XNCCoin [XNC], BitZeny [ZNY].

    Please, trade, sell or withdraw these coins before removal date, after which retrieval of any remaining balances for these coins will not be possible anymore.

    We will not remove coins which will reach minimum trading volume requirement.

    Thank You for using our exchange!
    Sincerely, C-CEX.com Team.

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  • That sucks but Cex has a super low volume anyway

  • I think we are in the clear because the coin is not highlighted in Red anymore

  • @iseebitcoins I think it's true, before there was a big red "Delisting" alert on the sidebar, now it's not there anymore, maybe it had good trades lately.

  • @Zeus trading has been good the last couple days get ready for another pump in the next few days 🙂

  • @Zeus love your casino site.....fun

  • @iseebitcoins oh thanks haha 😀😀