Plotting question for mining from multiple PCs using different wallets?

  • Hi everyone. My question is If i build two different pcs and want to mine using a different wallet on each do i need to start the nonces on the second wallet where the first one ends, or can i start them both at nonce one. I ask this because I am not sure if nonce 1 for each wallet would be the same or is it different for each wallet? Thanks for the help in advance

  • admin

    @elmorenicholas It depends on what you mean by wallet - If different Burst addresses, then they can both start at nonce 0, if you mean tow different instances of the wallet software, but the same address, then the second PC must start at a nonce after the first PC's ending Nonce.

  • Hi and thanks for the reply. I do mean two different wallet addresses. I ask because I am wanting to build multiple rigs with around 80tb each. The cases I will be using hold 10 hard drives a piece internal and I don't want the time to process the 80tb to be any longer than it has to be. It also allows me to be able to move things around if needed. I just want to make sure I have no nonces overlapping using multiple wallet addresses, but you seem to have answered my question. Thank you

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    @elmorenicholas You're welcome. With separate addresses, no danger of overlaps.