HDD mining

  • I have a problem and a question .

    problem is i plotted a 200gb on a parttion i made to test and they never show in found plot box ! when i copy past them in where i setup burst they show . so i guess my plot was success the problem is my wallet wont see them.

    the question is .

    this is HDD mining ? why when i see task manager while minning i see cpu use 99 O_o is that normal and if yes why it use cpu .

    sorry i am still new and did search with no success so i decided to post .

    thanks in advance

  • @gazgaz81 I assume you are using Blago's miner which is built-in the AIO wallet.
    Locate the miner folder (usually in wallet folder named "miner-burst-1.160705") and edit miner.conf file to add your plot file(s) within Paths.


    and start the miner from the same folder (note: if you start miner from wallet it will reset your modifications)

  • Ok sir i got it working and i got this screen


    is that means i am mining ?

    cuz i see fixed numbers nothing is changing .

  • @gazgaz81 looking good 🙂
    Actually try renaming drive B to something different than A,B,C .. use D and up
    That's why wallet not detecting your plot

  • @gazgaz81 the set up is right, dont need to change anything. best regards.

  • okay thanks guys . one last thing how do i know how much burst i mined ? also i see minning address in the plot location is BURST-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX !? is that means i didn't setup address? i am sure i write before ploting 😞

  • There is a Calculator, further look up your wallet address. If more question, you can contact me everytime or send it to our pool miners. best regards