Practicle Alternative energy supply ideas.

  • Hello friends. We all know about solar energy right? good investment pays itself in few years and keeps going for up to 30.
    Well thats not good enough for me. nooooo!
    Although I rent and cannot do it myself, I have made small test versions for fun and heres a few links to get free energy without solar or wind 24/7.

    These are mostly schematical but there may be electronics tutorials to go with it.
    Some can last up to 70 years (like teslas antenna)
    BEWARE although it is very attractive, it is more expensive to set up than solar that the metals involved.
    Draw too much inside the home will eventually electricute you from metal taps and such so if your gonna go big; do it in a big shed away from houses or in the open as antenna.
    Describing patents, it is not illegal to construct and use for personal use. Just like making your own Nike stripes for your tracksuit.

    this link is by far the best; I will add more later. It is a praticle guide and it includes electronics training. Seriously incredible and wonderous some invented but suppressed before most our times!

    happy reading (even if your just surfing the forum bored)0_1486057515033_33158198.jpg

  • @ZapbuzZ me too am renting sux, my electricity bill came to 188 euros My parents they got a passive house and solar panels.. ah i day lol..

  • reading up that some people had whopping energy bills insipred me i thought it'd bring a bit of wonder to those who are used to the old pay the bill grind but turns out just like water electricity can be harvested free. Run the electric heater in the cold back room in winter fer nuthin! run those puters fer nuthin THERES AN OLD QUOTE OF A WISE MAN: iN BOOKS THERE IS KNOWLEDGE. iN KNOWLEDGE THERE IS WISDOM. iN WISDOM THERE IS POWER. (But I prefer: Knowledge is power)

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