Pool mining is very uneffective for me....

  • So, I am mining burst for about one and a half month and I am only pool mining since then. And until now pool mining is about 25% less effetive than solo mining would have been. Check my stats:


    There is not a single day where I wouldn't have earned much more if I mined solo....

    How could that be? Shouldn't the propabilitys be equal with pool or solo mining?

  • @schnebi So without asking us to do the maths, what has been the difference? Over the long haul the difference ought to be the pool fee, on ninja I think 2%?


  • @schnebi solo on the long is more profitable than pool.

  • @ccminer @RichBC

    I know that solo should be more profitable than pool on the long run. But as RichBC said: It just should be the 2% pool fee and not about 25%..... And it's not for one day, but for over a month now...

    You can see it if you compare the blocks I found : 119 (275,004 Burst) with the money i got from the pool till now: 229,735 Burst

  • @schnebi That is a much bigger difference than I see. In fact with my 80TB when I last checked the same maths v Solo over a couple of Months i was better off on the Pool.

    From you Blocks I assume you have around 200TB? What is your read time for the plots?


  • @RichBC Yes, about 200TB... And I need about 2 minutes to read the entire plots... I know thats very long. But is that really making any difference? I mean: If I would have mined solo from the beginning I would have found exactly the same amount of blocks as I did now.... But the difference would be that I would have gotten the whole amount... At the moment I am feeding the other miners on my pool....

  • @schnebi 2 Minutes is a bit long and I have this theory that a short read time has a greater benefit on a pool than when mining Solo. However don't ask me to prove it.... My read time is 10 Seconds. An yes, you might be feeding me 🙂


  • @RichBC I thought about this too.... But if this is really the solution than I think it's a failure in the algorithms of the pool, because why should I gain less with a longer read time even If I achieve much more for the pool than I get....

    So I think its time to switch to solo mining for me....

  • @schnebi Yes I think a switch is the way to go and see how the numbers compare, taking account of the Block reward that goes down in a day or so.

    My "theory" is that having a short read time when solo only benefits you on the Blocks that you win, because of beating others that might have won the Block given longer to find their better deadline

    However on a pool it benefits you on every short Block because you grab more than your share of the reward. May or may not be a good theory and I have not thought of a way of quantifying it.


  • http://burstpool.ddns.net/# come here our payout are the same most the time. I have a burst bash once a month where you can earn free burst. This month its 10 x 2400 burst over 24 hours. So you could actually get most your fee back. Something to think about!

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    @schnebi sure go solo ... pool payout algo can never be perfectly fair for all i guess ... 2 min round time is a bit high, cause you are not able to check all your data on every round:

  • @schnebi you should really work on those 2 minutes you are loosing many blocks because of this

  • @schnebi

    1. I've seen the same when I calculated for my miner
    2. Have you checked that all your dl's get confirmed by burst.ninja
    3. be careful when using burstcoin.biz for such calculations! sometimes there are bits missing from wallet dropouts! (and for example all "Subscription Payments" but the first)
    4. only time I've seen it the other way is when I was calculating @RichBC for something like Dezember I think!
    5. when calculating for @RichBC entire mining time it go's the other way again
    6. for both of those calculations above I was using the xml from burstcoin.biz!!
    7. I love you @RichBC!-) your my size!
    8. yes, you're probably feeding the others
    9. one more yes, your read time is ~longish which might make you loose on some blocks
    10. If you want all your dl's confirmed, espetially when your in europe, go tross

  • @RichBC I agree with your theory ("The Rich Theory") , i suppose you would have to look at the distribution of winning deadlines and see what percentage of them are less than your read time and then compare that to another miner of same capacity but with a much longer read time. The relative difference in the distribution percentages should account for any extra earnings. Interesting stuff for sure 🙂

  • @ccminer said in Pool mining is very uneffective for me....:

    @schnebi you should really work on those 2 minutes you are loosing many blocks because of this

    Many blocks, really? He is reading 50TB in 30 seconds, the next 50TB in a minute. How many blocks are less than a minute? Of those how many would he have had a better DL. One, two maybe a year, IMO.

  • @rds but you also want to get your shares in! (in Time....)
    and http://burstcoin.biz/charts/average-block-generation-time

  • So, I am mining burst for about one and a half month and I am only pool mining since then. And until now pool mining is about 25% less effetive than solo mining would have been. Check my stats:

    I have the same results. I was solo mining and my local wallet was messing up so I decided to get into a pool that doesn't fork all the time (read Ninja), After 2 weeks I saw that I could have made 25% more solo mining. I fixed the local wallet but was too lazy to flip back. I'm going to swap over soon.

  • solomining gets kinda lonely after a while!-) and very much annoying when you've been on a fork for 1 1/2 days and did not realize!
    also when you're simply out of luck for a few days!
    and then there is the the thing with attracting new miners and making it worthwhile for them!

    I do switch quite often depending on how "greedy" and lucky I feel!-)

    RichBC is our Exeption who confirms the rule!

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    @schnebi I just looked at my account, and it looks like I donated about 19% ( 2.25M Burst) to the other Pool Miners.

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