Where to sell burst/bitcoin for usd

  • Was wondering if anyone knows of any exchanges that you can sell bitcoin/burst for usd and can withdraw to a bank account. I know virwox does but they only accept bitcoin I believe and there fees are a little bit high.

  • Ccex. That's what I use

  • @dagentlemang said in Where to sell burst/bitcoin for usd:

    Ccex. That's what I use

    They take out such a large fee though. First If I sell say $200 I lose $11, plus they take out 7% as well as $10 comission for a bank transfer. didnt know if anyone knew of any other sites that have less fees.

  • @mathew ah well when you need cash right now you end up paying for it, there's tons of ways to save on fees if you're willing to wait

  • I use poloniex.com. I only buy Burst, not sell. 🙂

  • The only direct exchange for USD that I know of is C-Cex...

    However, the way that I do it, is by using https://xcoins.io and bitcoin.

    The coolest part about this, is with xcoins, they give you a 15% commission on top of what you sell for.

    So you not only don't LOSE money, you GAIN an extra 15% 🙂

    This is pretty much my sole way of selling BTC these days as I'm having an issue with my coinbase account. Coinbase is of course good too, and gets to you next day into your bank account from BTC sells.

    So, what you can do...

    1. Send your BURST to polo, bittrex, c-cex, or livecoin.net

    2. Sell your BURST for BTC.

    3. Make an account at xcoins.io and attach your paypal or other options.

    4. Send BTC to xcoins

    5. Enable 'lending' (they function as a p2p lending, where you lend the person BTC, and they pay you back in USD, it's really brilliant, and allows you to get 15% commission on your sells 🙂

    6. Wait a little while and your coins will sell, it usually doesn't take long, I've sold over 2000 USD in the last 2 weeks there.

    The only issue that I've seen, is if someone attempts to do a 'chargeback' with PayPal, it takes a little while for the lending to kick back in while they solve the issue for you with PayPal.

    I've never seen the Chargeback actually be successful, as xcoins backs you and deals with PayPal for you, therefore the transaction is marked as a legit transaction, and the person using paypal to buy with USD, loses their BS case, and you get your money. 🙂

  • @crowetic why do they give you 15%?

  • @falconCoin said in Where to sell burst/bitcoin for usd:

    @crowetic why do they give you 15%?

    They have it structured as P2P lending, so you're 'lending' the BTC to the person 'borrowing', and they're paying you a 15% commission. It works via paypal and BTC, and the company handles any disputes for you. Thus far I've sold over 4500 total there, and it's worked fantastic. I really like it.

    Essentially the person 'borrows' BTC, and pays you back with USD. (When in reality you're selling the BTC, they're using it this way to avoid regulation, and I think it's really a brilliant idea.

    As always, start small, but IMO it is a trustworthy site.

  • I use square cash and btc to do personal exchanges of burst.

    Be wary of scammers using the magic doubler with btc txs make sure the btc confirms atleast once.

    also sometimes square cash tx's fail so wait 15 minutes after the tx reaches your acct as to make sure no cancelations occur.

    also since btc is always going up and fees may apply when purchasing I usually sell burst at a premium of no less than 10% above spot.

    not ideal but one's got to do what one's got to do to continue providing a service to the community.

    any comments and suggestions are welcome.

    Be careful out there because there are folks who seem innocent but are out to get kind folks like us who elect to provide for certain services. also don't go baller status and or public advertisements because selling btc and burst in high volume upwards of 10k / month or /year can land you in federal court or an irs audit at the least.

    once again, careful and of course as always, best!