Burst Explorer?

  • Hello Burst Community!
    I was under the impression that we would be able to use the Burst Explorer to find incoming/out-going transactions. This morning I had burst withdrawn from Poloniex to my Burst wallet but unfortunately the burst did not yet make it to the wallet;(
    I just emailed Polo but was seeing if we could check for ourselves so, if anyone happens to know where we can do so, please do tell 😉

  • admin

    @tradz if the transaction never happened out of Poloniex, it won't show in the explorer.

  • @haitch But the list is so long, how can we find? It would be easier if we were able to input an address like the Block-Explorer
    Excuse me, this is called the Block Explorer lol I meant the blockchain explorer 😉

    It's ok, I guess Polo fixed the issue right away when they received my email so, it's now in my wallet 🙂
    I will talk to you all 2mrw... And we can search our address lol I just couldn't find it till now ha!

  • @tradz it's simple, Polo say "confirmed" to say he approved your transaction, doesn't mean is already sent.

    What you can do to always verify if the transaction is sent, just copy and paste your txid in the search field on burstcoin.biz.

    If you get an error, it means the transaction doesn't yet, you will then need to wait ^_^

  • @Zeus Yeah I found it after I had posted ha! I know I seen it before 😉