Has something changed ?

  • Hi, I was wondering if anything had changed within the last 3/4 weeks...

    I ask this because i was finding a block at least once every 3 days, sometimes 1 per day but for just over 3 weeks now i have only got 2 (the last one being 9 days ago) which is very odd. All my drives are healthy and it still takes the same amount of time to scan them, nothing has changed my side apart from the client i updated a few weeks ago. I'm even struggling to hit 300 within the 24 hour period payout. Anyone shed any light on this ?

    I'm on .biz pool.


  • admin

    @Snoops The mining difficulty has been going up, network is currently at 21PB, was half that just weeks ago.

  • @haitch That could be what the issue is, i just thought it was odd with the sudden drop and obviously i checked the hardware 1st to make sure all was OK my end. Thanks for the info, it's very much appreciated.