Connecting to local wallet = "Could not connect to server."

  • Hi! I'm starting with the Burstcoin mining stuff but I'm having some issues related with the local wallet. I've got it running and set up, I can enter on the web wallet, but when I login I always get the error "Could not connect to server."
    Important thing: the wallet is not running on the computers I'm trying to connect from. I want to run it on a GUIless server, so I have to access from other computers. Anyway, I've modified the config file in order to allow access from other computers from the LAN.

    Maybe there is some option I also need to change? Already modified, on the API SERVER section, the allowedBotHosts & apiServerHost. Also tried to activate the Old NRS User Interface but it's not working (404 error).

    But just in case, I really must have a wallet running in order to mine? Or at least, I have to login and use it? Because I could use other online wallets, or install the local wallet on another computer/s (which won't be mining!).
    Thanks in advance!

  • @zhukov For pool mining you do not need a local wallet. For solo mining this is possible with blago's miner proxy mode. Just make sure your plots don't overlap. ( have not used the proxy mode myself )

  • @iKnow0 thanks for replying. I asked because I saw, for example, this pool (the only one I found which actually specifies what program use to mine and other info):

    It uses POCMiner, and the command showing there, as I can see, looks like it requires to specify the local wallet address. I'm kinda lost!