Hi there help me and fund this if you have some spare burst. LendingBtc

  • Hi there. I just invested some money in to btc and have it on poloniex. It is a bit more than 0.5btc at the moment. Im using a bot to lend it and slowly grow it ower time! As well im slowly buying burst and i try to do it always a bit about market price so i suport burst price and make some volume. As i saw that some people suported even someone to play at burst cassino, i tought myself that maybe some of you could help me out as well. From what i want to do all of us will benefit! Of course i will benefit the most, but i will always suport burst as i fell in love with it! If you will suport my project it will speed up the proces and i will be able to buy more! I ask for 1000000 burst so it would be around extra 0.7 btc . If some of you will decide to fund my project i promise you i will sell the burst slowly not to hurt the price of the burstcoin and then i will keep lending it and buying burst for aprox 30% of the profit(reinvest the rest ) so the amount of burst i will buy will be growing too. I will use the burst to buy some assets for myself and i will use part to fund other projects Hopefully some which will help burst to grow. Thanx in advance for help. And if you have any questions just ask . Yep and sorry for my english as im selftought.

    If you decided to help me, you will find a crowdfunding project inbetween the others the name is LendingBtc .

  • Do you have any collateral or anything? 1000000 is a lot especially if you are using it to lend etc. Good luck

  • @potkas try the crowdfund maybe someone will pledge you

  • @mathew its a crowdfunding so not really only my assets 🙂 but im lending it on poloniex and there supose be not too much of a risk involved. tested the lending for a month with small amounts and now starting with my 0.5btc Im still prety new to burst started minning in september at the moment i mine with 5.1 tb at the eu pool look for orwell1984 . and here is my burst addres if you want to check it up BURST-VHJA-QEFD-GJUF-EQ93A

  • @ccminer thats what i did but still thanx for the advice. By the way i love your asset. new to it but love it 🙂 i mean this one: CCM100

  • @potkas thank you 😉