FrilledShark's Lending Service - Need Burst or Bitcoins? - MAX 5 Bitcoins / 5.000.000 Burst, no min!

  • FrilledShark's Lending Service

    Have you seen a good offer on an asset or need a few extra funds to trade with?

    Search no more, you found the right place. I can offer you loans in either Burst or Bitcoins.
    Expect to wait no less then 2.5 hours, unless you contact me out of my working hours which are from 07 to 21. (UTC +1)

    Accepted collateral:

    Solid Altcoins like ETH, XMR, DASH or Burst. (Other altcoins are also okay)
    Burst assets. The owner is verified and the asset issuer has an asset, which is older then 2 months. Some assets might get denied even if they can fulfil above requirements. All dividends paid by your asset belongs to you, but can't be used to repay the loan.
    A combination of collateral types is also accepted.


    The interest depends on the type of collateral, if you had previous loans and the length. Short term loans have a high interest per day, while longer loans have a lower interest per day.
    Loans can be longer, but negotiations has to be made between us.

    Every day late, is an additional 0.87%. Contact me if you want a cheaper extension.

    Contact information:

    Listed from fastest to slowest:
    FrilledShark#3079; Discord.
    @FrilledShark; Telegram
    [email protected]; email.

    Additional information:
    100% of the interest will be sent to Vector & Margin. In cases where Vector & Margin can't fund / partially fund the loan, less goes to Vector & Margin.

    *ADSPOT: You have to contact me between 7:00 - 21:00 UTC +1.

  • Reserved

  • pm me good sir as I am in need of this service.

  • Banned

    Hi is it available now too please let me know?

  • @dvndr007
    It is, but I am picky, if the collateral offered is assets.

    At this point in time, your proposed collateral is not valid for a considerable amount of Burst.

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