Guidelines of

  • The below guidelines (not rules) has either been confirmed by @Haitch or has previously been enforced by an Admin or a moderator.
    Guidelines are written as:

    1. Avoid unnecessary posts (spam)
      Do not post multiple posts with the same post shortly after each other. If you can, try to edit previous posts to avoid posting multiple post in a row.

    2. No political discussion outside off-topic.
      Political discussions are limited to the off-topic category and all discussion needs to be kept civil.

    3. Limitation on referral links
      Referral links are limited to off-topic and signatures. Topic with the only purpose of getting clicks are not allowed in off-topic. Referral links can be used as a supplement at the bottom of a post.

    4. Signature around 3 lines
      Signatures should not be wider then 3 lines. In cases where signatures are especially distracting other limitation may apply. Any graphics in the signature must stay around 3 -4 lines.

    5. Only bump threads once a day
      Each thread may bumped once a day. If previous bumps only contains short messages, they should also be deleted.

    6. DOX, Sensitive information or alike in Members Only Talk
      Informations which might hurt other people, companies or other groups, should be kept in Members Only Talk.

    7. Keep a fair language
      Personal attacks or foul language should be avoided as much as possible.

    The above guidelines are guidelines and not rules. They are not strict laws that needs to be followed, but recommended to keep the quality of the forum as high as possible.

    If anyone sees a topic or a user violating any of the above guidelines, reporting the user is the correct thing to do. It reduces the time it takes to moderate and improves the quality of the forum.

    Users reporting misplaced topics or posts violating the above guidelines are not forgotten. Every correctly reported post is remembered.