Plotting drive issues with AIO

  • Using the AIO wallet I'm trying to plot one of my last 2 drives. The first 4 I plotted just fine. Now these last 2 drives start plotting and after about 4000-6000 nonces they both say "nonces done" and then it just counts up through the %done and repeats.

    Anyone have this same or similar issue?

  • admin

    @DougLife Sounds like the first two plots were done with an older version of the AIO - the used wploygenerator, the new one uses xplotter which displays differently - it plots out a memory buffer, then writes it to disk, then repeats .. which soundslike what you're seeing.

  • Nope, I've used xplotter for all of my drives, had one just finish last night.

    I'll let this run through and see what happens as it's a small drive, but definitely looks like different behavior than the previous drives.