You need change reward assignment and wait 4 blocks (~16 minutes)

  • Hello,

    I have been Burstcoin mining to 2 days in the pool. I still keep getting the following message, even though I have refreshed/re-entered all of the correct information multiple times:

    The "Your Burst account's reward recipient isn't my wallet address (even though I have wallet passphrase correctly several times).

    Any assistance or directions that anyone can lend would be greatly appreciated.

  • @CrunchDMPC did you assign the pool wallet to your miner?

  • Hello,

    Here's the message I received when I set up the miner: - Recipient.PNG

    Which is the Burst-Team.Us wallet. I pasted that as the "Recipient - Burst address of pool:": - Reward.PNG

    I entered my wallet's passphrase in the "The passphrase of your wallet you're mining with:" field. But, I still receive no Burstcoins.

  • @CrunchDMPC I do not see what you're doing wrong. It all looks good to me. I don't run the windows wallet so I'm not too familiar with it. But what is the output when you hit the submit button? How many TB or GB are you mining with? 🙂

  • @Tate-A - Here is the output I receive (after I click on the "Submit" button):


    I am mining with 0.5 TB. It is s dedicated HDD.

  • @CrunchDMPC wait 4 blocks (16 minutes) and you should be ready to go 😉

  • @ccminer That shouldn't take two days. Try a different pool

  • @frere nope not 2 days at all!! yeah try a different pool and update here the results

  • @CrunchDMPC that output is for a transaction from BURST-ZJ5G-8DM4-TETD-8A4CA ( which does show the correct reward assignment.

    the miner images shows that you are using plots and deadlines from the account 16070059325185589238 or BURST-9ZZQ-U2YL-UCGK-FK43Y ( which has no reward assignments.

    you need to do the reward assignment for the account that the plots and deadlines point to by entering the passphrase for it (or you can replot the drive for the account you are reward assigning).

  • @damncourier - What you are saying is making more sense (the more I read it). As I am new to Burstcoin mining, should I plot the HDD to my wallet (BURST-ZJ5G-8DM4-TETD-8A4CA) or to's wallet (BURST-32TT-TSAC-HTKW-CC26C). I have no record of wallet address (BURST-9ZZQ-U2YL-UCGK-FK43Y), so, I believe that I need to re-plot the HDD. I am just uncertain as to which what wallet address I should use.

  • After I upgraded to the new wallet and had to replot my drives when my main HDD died it now gives me the set reward assignment error when using the windows Wallet AIO to start mining so I seperatly downloaded and configured Blagos Miner and it's working with no errors and my account is showing up on the pool now, so might be an issue in the windows wallet package?

  • And yes I did go an set my reward assignment and all that jazz it just keeps giving me the error if I start mining from the wallet instead of directly starting Blagos miner

  • @CrunchDMPC the name on account BURST-9ZZQ-U2YL-UCGK-FK43Y seems to point to you but if you don't have the password linked to it you will be unable to set the reward assignment (nor access any payments received from mining). best course of action is to replot for a account you are able to access.

    so you should plot for BURST-ZJ5G-8DM4-TETD-8A4CA (plot filenames will began with 7217097786308673646), which will indicate to the pool which account payments for mining shares should be sent to. plotting for the pool's wallet will result in you not getting paid for mining because payments will go back into their account.

  • @damncourier - Got it. I am reformatting the HDD now. I will begin to re-plot when done. I probably will not know if all is well until tomorrow. But, I will update this thread when I know for certain. Thank you (all) for your help. It's nice to know there is a community out that is willing to lend a hand.

  • Also try using just the mining program itself you can get it under the Burst Software section of the forums and use that don't use the wallet miner

  • @socal - Do you have a recommendation on which software to use for CPU mining? Currently, I am using Burst Client for Win v0.3.8.1.

  • i have the same problem besides the message of
    {"errorDescription":"Unknown account","errorCode":5}
    pops up when i click submit

  • admin

    @theceasar try this link to change your reward assignment:

  • @daWallet the same prob.
    "errorDescription":"Unknown account","errorCode":5}

  • @CrunchDMPC use Blagos Miner it's available in the Burst Software section