Is there a Burst coin Slack chat?

  • As stated is there a Burst coin Slack chat? If not there should be for real-time chat between members and also as another service platform for the Burst Casino because I'm pretty sure it's possible to make a gaming bot and integrate it into Burst Casino.

  • i'd like to see a chat client for burst pools. The best chat protocol i can think of IRC. If a java applet could be forged that any pool admin can implement on their pool site it would be great. Pool admins can configure it to their desired chat network and choose moderators. Being IRC based, those not on the pool home page would be able to use an IRC client or web portal to still access the pool chat address. Bad people such as trolls can be banned and ip addresses can be logged.

  • admin

    @socal How about an embedded chat right on this page ?

    Like that one? -->