Burst Wallet trans from polo

    • One of my first transactions back in Jan 4 2017 I sent 36,407 burst to account

    I'm can only assume I typed in passcode wrong. I thought was lost but Polo sent me email with wallet address it's still there as I never had a passcode for this wallet . I didn't know at time if you misspell passcode it still opens a wallet( since I've learned to to dbl check wallet address even when wallet opens)

    What are steps to retrieving my coins back if you could just sent them back to polo address they came from or my wallet.

    Can provide emails of transactions if need be thank you for your help in this situation I'm sure I'm not the first.
    Thanks again

  • @SwagAsaurasLex From what I understand, you sent your Burst to a wallet you opened while misspelling your passphrase ? If that's the case the only way I see to get your coins is to try your passphrase with a mistake in it, for example an extra space at the end. You would eventually find the BURST-UNC8-QQ86-QXQQ-822FQ account but it could take a lot of time ! Otherwise your coins are lost 😕

  • @Gadrah_ lol I got burned out tring that lol first time around but ty for getting back to me