Ninja Pool Issue?

  • The pool say's I did not win the block, but the block explorer says I did.

    Will this have an effect on the pool payouts?

    #BLOCK 325189



  • @iKnow0 Good question. I have only ever seen this "problem" the other way round with the Pool showing a win and Block Explorer not. I would assume as you get paid by the Pool that there will be no payment for you or the other pool miners for this Block?

    Will be interested to see what @haitch has to say?


  • Kinda of the same issue I brought up in another thread yesterday.

    In that case, the pool showed a ninja miner with a lower DL than the posted winner on ninja, who was also the winner as shown on the blockchain explorer.

    This time you won the block and the pool doesn't see it but the times clearly indicate. So the system sent the reward to the pool and it's in the slush fund.

    These "anaomolies" are seen by a few people each day, how many are missed?

    The software deserves a good scrubbing.

    I would do it but I don't know how to 🙂

  • @RichBC Update, got paid by the pool. I can only assume the listed winner is not updated once the block is paid.

  • Sometimes when that happens it is funny cause you can visit all the ninja type pools and see different results lol More miners we get the more interesting it is.

  • @iKnow0 Good that that's the way it works. As you say I guess the Pool does not update after "a period of time" but the money is sent to the right place.

    I think it is this "Put up what you think, but don't bother to update it with later data" approach that is at the root of a lot of these apparent anomalies?


  • I have seen ninja change a winner but not a ninja pool winner. No code is perfect there is always a situation that does the unexplained.
    Back before Lexicon fixed uray's pool code my pool did some weird things at times. I got something like 3 blocks in a row and something confused the code. What the code did was it picked the smallest miner and gave him or her a whopping reward lol I have looked over the code and how that happened is beyond me.

    People that use Lexicon improved code should be thankful they didnt have the challenges I had! I remember paying up to 15k burst in one day for mistakes lol Today is a cake walk! What makes it really hard with uray/lex pools is we are more transparent.

  • Banned

    OK, will run this through again.

    The pool acts as a buffer between miners and wallet. It submits the nonces to the wallet. It does it's own calculations that may not be exact, especially with submissions so close.

    Upon block change, the pool does go back to verify and do it's corrections, but if it thinks the chain is still telling it the other miner was a winner then that is what will be reported.

  • Helloo guys, something is going strange or with my miner or with burst ninja pool. last few days, with my 39TB of cptcty, somehow I recived really small amount of coins, like not more than 1500 burst, is the same also with another people?

  • @DeMiBo You would have to try other pools to see if its different. 1500 is kinda low but pools also have good and bad days!

  • admin

    @iKnow0 Yeah, the pool will change the winner if it thought it won but then finds it didn't, but the reverse does not hold true. If it thought it lost, it does not update when it finds it wins - however the reward amounts do get updated and the block paid out.