If you have 20k to invest...

  • If you had 20k USD to invest. Would you buy BURST (not all at once but dollar cost averaging in at an aggressive price) or build a big mining rig?

    I understand the hardware can be resold and can be used for other things...but it seems like people are much more likely to invest decent money into mining rather than buying the coin directly.


  • @burst1 Its valid for both, but building a mining rig can be educational and fun 🙂

  • @burst1 Mining rig and I know 😉 even if sometimes is hard overall is funny 😉

  • To further my post ...factoring out fun or the interest in the project of building a rig... strictly an analysis from a financial point of view?

    If you're either an investor or a miner you believe in the project and believe BURST is going up...so why do more people prefer to build a huge rig (again strictly from a financial point of view)?

  • @burst1 probably more for fun right now... but as the price goes up mining incentives become larger and profit is a bigger part of the picture

  • @burst1 if to remove fun part, then buy Burst and exchange in assets

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  • i agree...half to your rig then spend half on solid assets

    few of my favs are


    and others thats just off the top of the dome...good luck

  • Burst4all another good one

    BTC drag is doing good to right now

  • Price of BURST today is roughly .0008. Let's say it's steady and you're able to average in at that (for 20k USD total) would be about 25 million BURST. Which you can then immediately invest some into assets and increase it.

    Versus a mining rig, at 20k I'm not sure how many TB that gets you but it would take years to get to 25 million BURST (especially with increased competition and diminishing returns). Of course you could also sponsor your own asset...in the long run would the potential personal benefit from your own asset(s) outweigh the first scenario (buy BURST directly)?

    It's still not adding up to me (financially) why people are building the huge rigs before investing/buying directly?

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    @burst1 Maybe because some can use the harddrives for other things if they want to stop mining ... harddrives keep their value very well over the last 2 years for me, e.g. i bought wd red 6TB ... two and a half year ago, it is now more expensive (new), so i guess i would still get a good price at ebay for example ... or i could use it for my media collection. Mining hardware for burst is no asic like hardware, that is worth/useless without mining.

    source: http://geizhals.eu/?phist=1143813

  • I would do a little bit of both.

    Buy some coin to have it instantly and build a wicked rig.

  • 20k can do many things at once.

  • Cocain and Hookers of course, haha!


    But seriously, I would buy equipment so that I can begin applying buying pressure to the market. I would also start buying things from the marketplace with the burst I receive.

  • I would build $10K worth of non-Burst mining Rigs. You could build 4 high-end rigs and put each on a different operation and speculate, or as I like to call it risk diversification. this would be my setup

    1 - Rig : ZEC Miner
    1 - Rig: PASC Miner
    1 - Rig: Eth + SiaCoin
    1 - Rig: Eth + DCR
    And sprinkle in there a SiaCoin file server on one rig.

    That allows you to generate 5 different all coins, put sell orders up on the long and wait for a pump. When they hit I would convert to BTC and buy in chunks.

    Just my 2 Burst,


  • Thanks for the comments. Yeah, I'm not going to invest big time into any sort of rig...just not my thing. Just curious with BURST being so cheap why people are dedicating that kind of money into a rig dedicated to BURST.

    But understand the resale aspect (and other uses) may justify it somewhat.

  • @burst1 contact me and we can do a cooperation.

  • @iKnow0 said in If you have 20k to invest...:

    @burst1 contact me and we can do a cooperation.

    Thanks. But not looking to invest into a big rig myself.

  • Well the fundamental flaw with going purely mining rig is that your rig would be HDD focused instead of GPU focused thus limiting your mining options

  • You can do what you want but here's the thing if you get a rig/assets then you get a constant stream of passive income where as with just buying burst directly you are at the mercy of the market price for both Burst and BTC