Newbie's questions

  • Hello. I'm pretty new to the world of mining. I've started to mine burst coin yesterday, but I have some questions.

    • How can I know how much bursts were mined?
    • Can I mine in more than one machine at the same time? Is it just download the wallet on the second machine?
    • I've installed Burstcoin Wallet in my Android, but I got the message that I'm forked. What that means?

  • @milodraco

    1. total mined
    2. yes, you don't even need the whole wallet on second machine. just a miner and some plot files. blago's miner and creepminer have proxy functionality to run two miners on a network, this is not needed but helpful.
    3. a fork (in this instance) refers to a segment of a blockchain that is not likely to be accepted as the longer chain. blockchain consensus is designed to accept the longest valid chain and build on it, so shorter forks and transactions on them will disappear.
      that being said sometimes i have had the wallet erroneously report a fork. best to check the block height compared to other clients on