Where can I check stats on miner?

  • I am new to burst, but getting the hang of it. I plotted 5 x 10TB Harddrives, and they finally finished plotting, so I clicked "Start Mining", entered my pool, and am using cpu to mine.

    My question is, is there a place I can see my stats like if I mined bitcoin, I'd go to my pool's site.
    I'm using burst-team.us as my pool.

    In case that helps.

  • @xaocs at the pool you can see you total progress on the right list of wallets, it shows the name you gave to your wallet if you named it else your wallet address. On the left you can see the current round deadline and potential payment

  • Not sure why, but the post didn't make it here.

    I took a screenshot, attached it here so you could see the miner.
    alt text

    Let me know if this helps.

  • @xaocs I don't use this miner so I'm not sure but I can not see any deadline there so it looks you can not find any..
    maybe @luxe can be more useful than me

  • Also, I have 1 x 1tb drive that I'm currently using, but everytime I click on "Start Mining" on the bottom of the wallet, it just keeps telling me
    "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into Drive H:"
    it does this with H, G, F, E,

    And I restarted the miner, to miner @ lexitoshi.uk,

    BURST miner, v1.160705
    Programming: dcct (Linux) & Blago (Windows)
    CPU support:  SSE  SSE2  SSE3
    AuthenticAMD AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1090T Processor  [6 cores]
    RAM: 8192 Mb
    Pool address    burst.lexitoshi.uk (ip
    Updater address burst.lexitoshi.uk (ip
    Using plots:
    M:\Burst\plots  files:  1        size:  465 Gb
    TOTAL: 465 Gb
    15:32:47 New block 325358, baseTarget 1103107, netDiff 16612 Tb
    15:32:48 [16495433388521334124] found DL:        2362807
    15:32:49 [16495433388521334124] sent DL:         2362807    27d 08:20:07
    15:32:49 [16495433388521334124] NOT confirmed DL    2362807
    15:32:50 Thread "M:\Burst\plots" @ 3.5 sec (32.8 MB/s) CPU 56.59%

  • @xaocs first doesn't look like your account has a reward assignment. you will need to do a rewards assignment to the pool wallet before you start mining on a pool.

    second, the first screen shot doesn't have any deadlines found or submitted but has a very quick read time for the amount of space you say you have plotted. the paste shows you are only mining with 465 Gb which explains the lack of deadlines under pool.burst-team.us deadline limit.

    the paste does show one sent but not confirmed (ie no share in pool) which could relate to the lack of reward assignment. though that usually results in an error being printed.

    given your miner is reporting 465 Gb and you say 50 Tb were plotted you might check your miner config.

  • @damncourier
    Thank you. I am testing on a 500GB sata HDD. Should have mentioned that part.
    I am posting a new screenshot, of the full miner this time. I missed part of the bottom.
    alt text

    The 50TB, I'll be using to mine properly, once I get this part figured out. I want to say that it's working fine, but want to be sure. Maybe I need to allow more mining time before checking the pool?

  • I also just got this notice:

    16:44:46 New block 325372, baseTarget 1334114, netDiff 13735 Tb
    16:44:47 [16495433388521334124] found DL:         536184
    16:44:47 [16495433388521334124] sent DL:          536184     6d 04:56:24
    [ERROR 1004] Your Burst account's reward recipient (XBDE-ANTG-X5NQ-GFWUB) do
    es not match pool's account (32TT-TSAC-HTKW-CC26C)
    You need change reward assignment and wait 4 blocks (~16 minutes)
    16:44:50 Thread "M:\Burst\plots" @ 3.5 sec (33.6 MB/s) CPU 70.71%

  • @xaocs as far as reading plots and getting info from the pool it looks fine. you could avoid HDD WAKE UP by adjusting power settings, see https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/3719/hhd-wake-up

    but checking your account on the explorer (http://burstcoin.biz/address/16495433388521334124) again, no reward assignment, but there is no error because the deadline limit for pool.burst-team.us is so high you aren't finding or sending any deadline.

    you might consider using a pool with a higher limit, check http://util.burst-team.us:8888/ for pool with TargetDeadline greater than burst-team. also https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/1109/list-of-all-pools-overview has a link to a spreadsheet with estimated plot size recommendations. that being said you might try http://m.burst4all.com/ which is a pool for mobile miners with high TargetDeadlines. the admin's will ban miners using more than 1 TB though but for your 500GB testing it should work well.

    edit: that paste shows submitted deadline and pool's reward assignment error, see https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/679/reward-assign