Building my First rig... Help?

  • Has the title said, I'm building my first custom rig, the purpose of this rig will be for mining burst coin when not using it and to edit videos on adobe premier (that's the second main purpose of it).

    The thing is that not a expert on this matter and need a littler help. I have come with this two options based on the adobe premier needs and taking on mid that almost all the miner support opengl, saidthat here are the links to the buidls... for purposes of identifing the both of them will call the by "Rig 1" and "Rig 2" :

    Rig 1
    Rig 2

    I'm not interested on who will cost me less, I'm interested on performance and upgrade possibility in a future. Your help will be appreciated!

  • @Amoulier,

    Not sure if you plan on GPU or CPU mine. I CPU mine/plot 80TB with a $350 Dell laptop.

    Max operations per/second much more important than RAM. So I would be leaning towards the double CPU rig, rig2.

  • Rig 1
    When I edit videos I mostly use my cpu than memory. So not sure you'll fully use the 64GB of memory. I would get a bigger ssd if you are able to.

  • @socalguy I'm planning on buying extra hdd's... that's just the essential to make the rig work!

  • @Amoulier Use a network cable instead of a wireless adapter, 1Gbit min

  • @iKnow0 OK.. But in what rig are you proposing I use it?

    remember the purpose of this post is to help me select what build to do, not the components... but thanks for the suggestion will think about it.

  • @Amoulier whichever you decide, wireless are prone to interference.

  • @iKnow0 Both of the have on board cable connection!

  • I use Wi-Fi to mine on my rig but I have an upgraded pcie Wi-Fi card with 3 large antenna, works great

  • I recommend a 1TB min. plot to mine on a pool that will make sure you get something noticeable mining. Mining uses little effort if you choose either CPU of GPU to mine. I recommend CPU mining in cases where you use video editing that GPU may be glitchy if used for mining at same time. A Intel core i7 will plot very fast i wish i had one. You mentioned video editing so i recommend 8 gigabytes of ram. 2 Hard disks 1 for windows and video stuff other for burst mining reduces lag. power supply i recommend minimum 350watt a 1000watt psu will guarantee stability given mains can sometimes be unstable in general. (they use switching tech to preserve power so they don't always use max rating) surge protector recommended.

  • Even with a 4 core i3 I get 6,000 nonces a minute , it's funny that my i3 plots faster than my 6 core AMD

  • I've read both of the builds and I have a strong video editing background (former AVID editor with Media Composer). Granted most of the systems I worked on were high-performance and included an external media capture and transform device such as a Nitrus DX that connects over a PCIe lane. My recommendation is storage, more of it, lots more of it. If you are doing multicamera capture and B-Roll you will eat up that 250GB SSD probably in a couple of shoots. If you are a professional video editor which it sounds like you may be I would recommend a SSD raid for direct clip edit and if you want you can use a tool to move your post footage archive space to a small RAID5 (maybe 3, 4TB drives). If you have ever lost your work as a video editor you know you want to follow the rules of 3-2-1 which in essence states, three copies of EVERYTHING! One in real time storage, one in near-line, one in cold storage. I recommend Rig 1 with lots more storage. Consider a plan to move project work spaces to cold storage too like a Blu-Ray recorder.


  • @IceBurst said in Building my First rig... Help?:

    . Consider a plan to move project work spaces to cold storage too like a Blu-Ray recorder.

    LOL wow, I totally forgot about recording on blue ray. Thank you!

  • @Amoulier If you're doing serious video editing, then you probably want to be on Intel's x99 platform:

    "For professional Premiere Pro users, we would highly recommend considering one of the "High-End" Core i7 CPUs like the i7 6850K, i7 6900K, or the i7 6950X instead of a more standard quad core CPU"

    The problem is it looks like Intel will be moving to socket 2066 when they release Skylake-X and/or Kaby Lake-X, which should be soon, so wait for those to drop first if you can:

    There's also AMD's new Ryzen chips to consider, which should also be releasing soon. If you can hold off on building a new rig for a month or two, then you should have a lot more and better options to choose from.

    Also, super fast NVMe drives like the Samsung 960 Evo are really nice for video editing. They even make motherboards where you can put them in RAID.