SocalsFarm Asset Satisfaction Survey

  • Hey all it's been about a month since I released my Asset. With that said I would love to hear feedback from current and former Asset holders to hear their comments, complaints, and suggestions about my Asset.

    So please leave a response with your thoughts on my Assets' performance, dividends, price, and stability, etc.

    Better to address and resolve issues now rather than later when they become bigger issues.



  • @socal bought 3k+ shares to hold within my asset and adding more soon. Best of luck to you God Bless. The escrow is very nice.

  • Big old bumpy bump

  • Is you guys? BURST-Q5ZC-QHNY-D34K-GM5TY I'm pretty sure it has to be.

    You all are killing it. Price per share to what is being paid out,, yall are killing the competition. Keep it up please....About 125k worth of WorldMine has dropped to less than 100k in market value and is paying out less than 75k of SoCalFarm I'm interested to see how yall will compare against OGBurst at 140 share and Uniburst at 200 share.

  • @Dillion i believe some of those price swings is due to ongoing squable between forums, sad as it is. It sorta reminds me when Trump tweet any kind of nonsense about some company and its stock drops right away for a bit.

  • @LithStud ay I love it, free market. Look at the casino down over 50% in a matter of 2 weeks. I'm looking for SoCalFarm to be the steady eddy of Burst assets.

  • @Dillion well in casino case i would say its more due to last two payments, people got used to dividends in around million range 🙂

    As for socalFarm its one of few mining assets i have invested 🙂 cant complain about anything

  • I am new to Socal asset so am sure I will be a happy bunny and will report when I get more...

  • Yeah I'm trying to maintain a consistent payout but with my Main HDD dying and having to replot 20+TB of HDDs and the stress the network has been under recently has made an impact on mining returns but recovery is coming along nicely, have 11.5TB plotted and ready to mine

  • It will be hard to find shares below 20 Burst/share since that is the entry point very few investors will want to sell below that.

  • @socal Times, they are achanging.. Currently buying at 3.x, history Shows someone handed me over at 1,x but unfort. only for tiny lol.

  • @Marc grab them while you can I'm doing that with my Burst