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  • a fiew days ago i finaly started building a cloud. mostly i used gdrive 15gb, box 10gb & for shared 15gb. i scarped almost 70% of that accounts, i usually took google accs witch was not accesst for more than 24m. to gather/generate all that accs i used only senuke<3, chapter sniper, google & a scarper.
    as soon as my proggys was running i build up a cloud using seafile on a 1gb/1core/10gb vps (what is verry assfucked to slow for that) and finaly merged everything into folders with 102gb each (to generate a faster read out) witch are also mounted into larger shares (1020gb each). i only did that to be able using the cloud even on win. so far, for presentation i used one of my root servers where i mounted 3 webdav shares with my current plotts.

    so far here a fiew goodies u may can become use of. - most op if u need/want to phone activate tons of accounts (senuke/winautomatition) - fastest cloud i know so far, 5-7x faster as owncloud. runs well on a low end debian/centos - ...a cloud service to merge your accounts if u not been able to run your own cloud. ofc u need some nice dorks like " | Password"
    (this is not a how to, i just want to give some ideas getting 2-3tb plots done on free clouds in less than 3 days) thing abt webdav, its slow as shiiit, so try split that accs into 50-100gb folders so u can get more threads reading ya files. oh btw, i plottet only 3.2 gn files

    finaly some pics of that shiat; i will post some more in the next days, as soon as i attached some more.

    alt text alt text alt text

    ps: is any1 using that free cn clouds tencent, baidu or qihoo 360, if so, pls pm me, im working on a vpn chain cn->eu

    regards, pness

  • this is interesting.... but I wish I could understand what the hell you are saying

  • @pvpness what software are you using to map the clouds as a network drive?

  • @pvpness I'll go try to squeeze water from a stone and later on we can compare notes. 😃

  • Cloud mining is possible @gpedro and I have been doing it for a while @gpedro even did a tutorial.

    I mine to many different free google drive accounts from home. Also I signed up with amazon for an unlimited cloud trial free for 90 days. I canceled it and they give you another 90 days to access your stuff. So for free I got 6 months of unlimited space. Bandwidth is what limits you.

    Netdrive seems to be the best program to mount with. Always fully optimize plots and have fun!

  • @KyleH112
    usually just webdav, but there is some nice apps webdrive/netdrive witch ables u to use "backups" so u can drag and drop your "mounting table" to other machines. so far webdav is pretty slow, u might need to find a way to increase read threads, i did it by using alot of subfolders. for now i scan 1gb plots by 10 threads like i splitted these 1024mb into 10 folders