Using all CPU Cores? Only 1 wants to run

  • I'm freshblood when it comes to mining, so bare with me please.

    My current mining setup:
    CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1090T Processor, 3200 Mhz, 6 Cores, 6 logical processors
    GPU: GTX 660 Ti

    So this is sort of a two-parter.

    1st: I'm still testing a smaller hdd for mining, but i've plotted the drive, am left it mining overnight, but I noticed that my CPU is only using 1 core.
    Is there a way to mine with all 6 cores?
    alt text

    2nd: I have my gtx 660 ti just sitting there.. I tried the "OpenCL" Miner in the Burst Wallet and all it seems to do is pop open, then immediately closes... am I doing something wrong or using the wrong software maybe?

  • @xaocs To the second question, in the file run.bat in C:\Users\YOUR_USER\AppData\Roaming\BurstWallet\burstcoin-jminer-0.4.5-RELEASE you have to delete -d64 or install java 64bits

  • @Energy I have 64 bit java installed. Also, i tried what you said, didn't work.
    i do notice the java file running in task manager, but nothing else.