Plotting from the wallet or using Xplotter.exe?

  • Hello!
    Is there a differents how i plot drives? And because in the new wallet-version
    the RunPlotter.bat looks not like the one in the ImineBlock-video, i am not sure
    how to use them. Or should i just do it over my wallet?
    I am new to this stuff, so excuse my maybe stupid questions.
    Thanks for help

  • @cram xplotter is the default in the new wallet, use the wallet plotter to get you started. If you have a fast GPU then the GPU plotter is faster but requires a bit of technical ability. If you are using your PC while plotting be careful do not use all cores or it will become very very slow. I suggest creating a tiny plot file first (50MB) as a test so you can get used to the software and to see what the performance hit is like.