Deadlines,and cpu vs gpu?

  • Can someone please explain how deadlines functions?Sometimes i have deadline 2 hours,sometimes 1 month.This is just confusing.
    Is it better to mine with GPU or CPU?what are the advantages?

  • @penzek The lower your DL, the better chance you have to win a block. Your plotted nonces are hashed with the current block data, scoop etc, and a DL is produced. If you have the lowest DL of every other miner on the network you win the block. People pool together to share in winning blocks without having the lowest DL, but when you are the lowest DL, you will have to share your block winnings with every one in your pool.

    If you look at most pools, the majority use the Blago CPU miner. I think GPU is faster but unless you have a really large plot farm, cpu is fine.

  • @penzek GPU is better ONLY if you have large rig which the CPU is reading it in long time. GPU will read the HardDrives faster and submit your DLs to the network.
    If your reading times are below 1 minute, don't bother to use GPU and save some electricity 🙂