Mining with a NAS...

  • Hi all.
    I have a D-Link NAS that I'd like to use for mining. The issue I have is actually connecting to it via the Burst_Wallet app because after prepping the drives and clicking on the "write plots", choose the mapped drive, make a 7 TB drive, and then click the "start plotting" button I get the following message.

    Can someone assist me please?


  • Try right clicking the Xplotter and select "run as administrator". That will remove the token error message. Check that you have rights to write to the NAS drives.

  • @rds

    Hmmm...maybe I'm missing a detail because I have started the Xplotter with Admin rights and I have checked to see if I have write permissions (and I do) but I get that error.

    Funny thing is after I tried it another time (after this post) the drive doesn't show up in the list afterwards.


    Windows 10 Pro
    16 GB or RAM
    DLink Sharecentre with an array of 3 TB drives in a JBOD arrangement.

  • Sorry, I once has a small NAS connected to my network and I was unimpressed with the speed, performance etc. I was probably doing something wrong. I was able to mine off it for a short period of time, before I went straight USB 3.0. Sorry, I couldn't help out.

  • @rds

    Thanks for the suggestion and no worries buddy.

    I'll do some research but in the meantime if anyone that reads my thread has some experience I'll read the wisdom you can provide.

  • @Bradiss69 If your windows see's NAS as shared drive there shouldn't be a problem.
    Make sure the user mapped network drive have permission to write on the NAS and start xplotter as administrator.

  • @Bradiss69

    here are the options for connecting drives

    SATA III cable fastest
    USB 3
    USB 2
    1 GB network cable (to nas)
    100 Mb network cable (to nas) slowest

    a NAS will work, but will be relatively slow

    How is the NAS setup, No raid, raid 0, raid 1, raid 5?
    no raid is fastest

  • @iKnow0
    I believe the ethernet cable is a Cat5e and the drive structure is JBOD.

  • @Bradiss69 there are two network adapters, one on your PC and one on your NAS box, check to specs on each to see what your maximum throughput will be, if not directly connected ( the speed of the switch will come into play too)

  • @iKnow0
    What you are telling me is that I'd have to run my NAS in bridged mode with a crossover cable to my PC. Then add an additional Ethernet port on my PC to negotiate the other traffic.

    Yes the link between the NAS, the switch and the modem are of different speeds.

    I'll see if this is really a worthwhile venture and the NAS doesn't have a USB3 / Esata interface either.

  • @Bradiss69 As others have said I have found a NAS to be very unsatifactory. With my setup even with a 1GB connection 6TB is taking 35 seconds v 80TB of USB 3 Drives in 10 Seconds.


  • @RichBC
    Message received.

  • admin

    @RichBC I was doing 50TB over 1Gb to my NAs in 45 -55 seconds, but my NAS is not normal .....