How to correctly add USB Raid Drive to current Mining

  • I have a laptop where I have plotted 500KB. I have a 4TB external drive I want to add on a windows 10 set up. I have been reading and know that I have to be careful about starting new plots so as not to duplicate, however I can't find anything about grouping the drives together or exactly how to know how to not create duplicate plots. I want to thank @echo for helping me previously as well !!

  • @gwagner the wallet plotter is designed not create overlapping plots and the wallet miner will detect the plots automatically so their is no need to group.

  • Thank You @iKnow0 - Let me see if this is how it will work. So just plug in the drive, restart the wallet, the drive will show up on the drop down menu - then start plotting. After plotting - I switch back and forth between drives to mine? I was hoping to group them all in some way so they act as one big drive - or is that what would happen anyway?

  • @gwagner the miner uses a single cpu thread for each drive which is the fastest know method. If it was one big drive it would be just 1 thread and would take longer to mine the same capacity.

  • Ok, so I am looking to put together a system with multiple 2T 0 Raid drives. I want to set up the mining to be as efficient as possible, and looking for exactly how to do that. I don't know too much, so I am doing a lot of assuming / guessing.

    I will have 2 external drives with 4T in each attached to a laptop with 500MB already plotted. I know that I have to plot the other drives, but when they are all plotted - do I rotate mining each one, or do I set up a separate wallet and miner on each? Windows 10 Machine.

  • Nobody knows how to do this? @iKnow0 ??

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    @gwagner Same wallet and address for all of them. Are you using the AIO? If so, just tell it which drives to plot, and it'll take care of the nonce layouts to prevent overlap. Just make sure drive letters don't change while plotting.

  • Sorry - what is the AIO? ... VERY green here! LOL

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    @gwagner All In One - the wallet that is a wallet, and also does the plotting and mining from within its GUI,

  • @gwagner Right now I just plugged in one of the external drives. The 500MB is mining away The wallet does not yet see the drive / only C drive is on the drop down. So I am asking if 1) I need to restart the computer and 2) then the new drive should show on the drop down - correct? and then if yes 3) Just plot the external and 4) can I still mine the Internal drive at the same time? If so - what is the order / steps to do it all correctly.

    It sucks to ask such questions, seems obvious to others. I just don't want to screw up. I already had to re-plot my drive because I had 2 wallet ID's and plotted the 500 MB to the wrong one!

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    Ok, to answer:

    1. Restart the AIO Wallet, it should show up.
    2. Yes
    3. Yes, start plotting the external
    4. Yes, you can mine C: while 😨 plots

    The learning curve to Burst can be steep at times, but it's a LOT better than it used to be, and we're working on making it easier.

  • AWESOME! .. Going to try now - and report back!!