Been robbed

  • Hi All,

    not quite sure what to do here. but ive been robbed of all my burst and assets.
    my account is BURST-GAJL-VWKN-2XPB-H39R9 and everything i had was transferred to BURST-9HTR-WSSF-XY9H-7HUNW

    there was about 3.3 million burst and 3 million in assets.

    im unsure what to do. ive worked with this community since October. put in shit loads of work. only for it all to get stolen

  • i can see you still have my asset

  • 0_1486658436379_upload-37775db1-c7ce-4b07-9ae3-71d328a0f3de yeah like the only asset i have.

    this is after

    this is before

  • woah....

  • I am really sorry for your loss, this happened to someone else recently and it really sux and as someone who has also been hacked before I know the feeling.. Please create a new fresh wallet and I will donate a little something to get you started again..I am sure the BURST FAMILY will be generous in helping to start you again and not give up..I was shocked when you told us what happened..

  • @Lexicon yeah i see the transactions now. Apparently mine is unknown so nobody even steals it. I assume somehow you passphrase got stolen

  • @LithStud im unsure how my passphase got stolen. unless the burst community is being targeted by specific virus's

    my passphase is 37 words long contains uppercase and lowercase letters. brackets and periods. so i doubt it was bruteforced

  • Is there a way to implement in the burst client a 2-Step Verification ?
    @Lexicon I doubt too on bruteforced by 37 words take over 200 years.

  • @MrWho
    Is there a way to implement in the burst client a 2-Step Verification ?

    That would be handy but before that happens there is a back door left open that is the only way this can be happening.


  • password was 222 char's long

  • I am using the burst surfing thing is that compromised with malware?

  • I have become nervous, not that I have much, but what I have had difficulties getting it if I lose it I do not know if I will try again.

    I only have 700 bursts but if it helps, I give it without problem

  • admin

    @Lexicon Damn that sucks. Keylogger on your PC? Passphrase stored in a cloud drive that was hacked ?

  • @qibucks Yes time and time again surbar tries to hack my passwords

  • I again Make a manditory motion to add a second layer of password protection in the burst wallet. The android app has it and Burstcasino has it. With a numeric keyboard undetectable with keylogger

  • @Burstde you do realise that passphrase is only thing needed to get access to all you have since it is stored on blockchain?

  • Well Then A mandatory rollback of block until Lexicon's funds are restored

  • @Lexicon I know lex really but from what I have been reading there are quite a few computers running pools and paying out assets, with that amount of info being transferred everyday someone can get a way in. I do a lot of security work for people most times it is something simple. For example the first thing that has to be locked down is the modem every modem made is listed on line with very generic passwords like my Arris the original password was password so i went into it and changed it then I looked at the computer yes every computer has a password to enter into windows/mac/linux but unless you are able to go into the bios and set a master password it doesn't matter especially with what we do the computer is on open and vulnerable. Either someone is targeting individuals or the are going after the distributing computers. on any given day we have over 100 visitors to this site not including the 3000 plus peeps that are registard how are we to know who is or is not trying to try something. I read posts all day I see who is a reg. and then there arfe a lot I dont see ever. we already have a security issue when it comes to someone dumping assets on us we have not bought. Heck go look at pics of some of theses mining operations there are hackers out there that specialize in knowing exactly what kind of computer and hardware that makes it way easy to start basic recon as to the best way to get in. I want this part on record I in know way am saying it is ANYONE'S fault i am saying is that there is a lot of info out there that people can get real easy.


  • @Burstde its not how blockchain works - once its on the chain it is law

  • Unfortunately this happens in many places people do not like to work and prefer to take advantage of the work of others.

    I have lost bitcoins when I hacked mtgox, I lost again with since I had 3 faucets using their service and at the last buy a script to mount a game giving away bitcoins and also I hacked it, it is Bad of not know how to program, buy something thinking that is good but in the end sucks