Hello, I'm new to burstcoin/crypto currency and need assistance please!

  • Hello, I'm new to burst coin and crypto currency generally. I don't have any kind of coins thus far and need assistance getting started mining burst coins. I have 2TB external hdd dedicated for this project. I Already set up the burst wallet and everything, don't have any coins at all and burst faucets were unsuccessful, they all say unable to access my wallet to send claim, but I am sure I did everything correctly in setting up my wallet. I followed the steps to install and setup the wallet properly so I think the problem is with the faucets, I will appreciate a donation of 1 or 2 burst coins just to get me started. I hope It works. My account Id is BURST-AX5C-PS5L-LMR3-4KJQ5 . Any advice / tips are welcomed. Thanks!

  • 10 Coins sent - Check out tross's pool @ burstpool.ddns.net

  • Everyone here is super helpful. Just let us you know if you get stuck on something. Lots of information on the forum threads to get you started

  • Hey thanks man, I hope I receive it and my wallet is indeed working. I will keep you posted. Do you have an idea of how long it takes for coins to transfer?

  • @pml2020 Should show up as a pending transaction and will be confirmed in your account pretty fast

  • I'm seeing it showing up as a pending transaction but unconfirmed still. Does it usually take this long to confirm or did something go wrong?

  • @pml2020 There you go...100 from me for a good start:)

  • Thanks to all of you awesome folks for assisting me. I login my wallet today and saw that the transactions were confirmed and my wallet is up and running and I'm ready to start mining burst.