New to Burst.

  • Hi all - long time BTC miner here, and LTC back in it's day.

    Been watching the video and reading the how-to's, and have got a 5TB external plotting on my old laptop now - going to take a while ...

    I've been reading about the pools, and assume would be suitable with this capacity? What would I need to move to pool.burst-team or ?

  • Ninja and pool are pretty populated with high TB miners, you probably wouldn't make that much for awhile on 5TB. I've been mining on @tross pool since I started burst mining 4 months ago and I've yet to have any problems, we have miners with 500GB up to 100TB but myself having 28TB I am still winning blocks daily and receiving good payouts.

    Once your plots are done and you have claimed some coins from a faucet you will have to set the reward assignment for the pool you choose, here is a video on how to set your reward assignment.

  • @KyleH112 Thanks for the reply, I wasn't planning on mining on either of those with 5TB, but looking for guidelines on how much I'd need to mine there. They seem to be paying out more often - I understand the argument of more smaller payments vs. less frequent bigger payouts, but want to test it out for my self.