Took some downtime, but it's all in a case finally!

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    Gave my self some IT room in the home office to expand. All 15 bays with >= 3TB capacity each.

    The machine itself is an old gaming rig...
    1366 gen 1 i7, 12gb triple channel, with r7 270 for plotting

    the whole rig hums along at 220 watts, 400 when plotting.
    Don't mind the 1kw psu, it's a recycle from etherium rig lol

  • thats a nice rig. I can see the architectural design of the pc tower is versatile in design. I must say though, i have a core duo rig that i built in 2007 i would be more inclined to call that old.

  • What happened to Burst being the eco mining solution?? I mine/plot with a laptop and 80TB. My total energy consumption is 56W. Why is your rig so power hungry?

  • @rds well like i said, its an i7 920, used parts i had lying around etc...
    I'm assuming since you said laptop, you're running high capacity drives off USB. I have 15 drives in the 3-4TB range (usually refurb'd datacenter HGST), so i'm guessing 120-150w from drives and 90w from processor/mobo. 200w seems very "eco" to me... i'm running the whole rig for the power consumption of 1 current generation crypto mining GPU.

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