Transaction fees

  • About an hour ago I tried to send 19927 Burst to Poloniex from my mobile wallet. As I wrote the amount of Burst I want to send, the fee became 2 and then 20 Burst. I tought that is the minimum and pressed send. After some blocks passed I looked at my poloniex deposit account's transactions and I noticed they sent 19926 Burst to the central account with a fee of 1 Burst. My question is: If I could spend just 1 Burst for the fee, why did the wallet told me the fee should be 20 Burst?
    Transaction 1:
    Transaction 2:

  • admin

    The wallet interface increases the fees to 0,1% of transaction volume. You can lower it again to 1 Burst but in case of a lot of network load you will have to wait until your transaction gets processed with all the small transactions that pay 1 Burst as fee, too. Like Bitcoin nowadays.

    I think 0,1% is reasonable.