Security for BURST 🔒

  • Hi everyone,

    I think this might be important, so I am making this thread. I read recently about this new project Trezor is undergoing:

    Introducing TREZOR Core and TREZOR 2

    Would it be too hard to implement an option for Burst? So that the private keys (passphrases) generated inside a Trezor device never leaves the device itself? This would be the most secure option indeed to "store" Burst for the long run. There are plenty of stories out there about people who have lost millions in BTC as the were early adopters and then got hacked... We all want to see the price of this coin raise in a not so long future (hopefully!). However many people care a lot about security and so on. Imagine someone investing a great deal of money in the coin and then realize that his/her wallet just got hacked and well, nothing to do about afterwards... An option like this one would also bring a lot of attention to the coin itself I believe, in terms of security, and on the other hand BURST could be somehow be promoted more for that matter.

  • That would be a major overhaul so dont think thats possible. But I am not a programmer! I have seen what goes into change my pool code so think this is too much of a change.

    I am in favor of a system like yahool uses or paypal ! You log i with you passphrase and a 6 digit code gets sent to your cell.
    Something along those lines.

  • @tross a 2FA relying on your phone number is always a bad choice. Hackers can always port your number to another Telcom. It has happened to a lot of people already,

  • Then why does paypal use it? yahoo use it. my bank uses it with tan . I think it how it is set up. Paypal is a huge piggy bank!

  • @tross paypal and banks, etc use it. Problem is that not everyone had an smartphone and some people want to have an extra layer of security. However this kind of 2FA via SMS endup being really 1FA...

  • @vExact I dont wish to argue I am very much informed if someone is out to get you they can break into your home computer and see all you all what you do with wlan. They might not have cell but they got a computer I had a program thats called blue stack which is android on your desktop.
    Heck for fun I was going to install it and run android on my desktop with wallet and android miner then I could mine on android pool. But dont have time for something like that even if is just to see if works. So anything is possible if you want it . Something needs to be done true!

    Good video!